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Hi, loyal readers, welcome to bloggerwallet, a blog that teaches bloggers. Bloggerwallet is a blog that designed to share its unlimited experience basically in terms of blogging.

Bloggerwallet.com was founded by a young talented naturally-gifted online entrepreneur and internet activist, who is called by a name Abdulrazaq olatunji and nick-named wallet to be precise.

It has taken some few months ago when i launched and started running bloggerwallet.com as a blog, I sincerely started this blog as a hobby, and never but later realized that I can actually make some decent earning right from what I love do.

In here at bloggerwallet, you will always find new hot trends based on blogging courses, seo, and make money blogging, we also write beautiful tutorials for both blogspot and wordpress users, and not limited to motivational articles for bloggers and non-bloggers.

As it is very apparent that in here at bloggerwallet, we care so much about our fellow bloggers. Please do not hesitate to share every little and bigger difficulties that might be facing you, as we are here for nothing but to help you on your way to blogging, we hate to see beginners struggling for a long periods of time and don’t forget that I have said earlier that bloggerwallet is a new blog like yours which just come online some few months ago, but we are a team that have gotten many different experiences based on blogging over the years as we have worked for many bloggers so far.

So, do chat with us about anything you curious about in blogging, I need you to know that I have once been in that position of yours (begginner) sometimes ago, and I understand how easier it can be when you have someone that can solve some little problem which can weigh you down.

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So, thank you for sticking around with bloggerwallet, I really really appreciate your frequent visitation. God bless you and have a wonderful blogging hours.