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How To Get Email Notification From Google Whenever Your New Post Is Indexed

Keeping eye on your post crawling and indexation period is one the best SEO practice that every bloggers should invest so much time on, as it will not only help you discover what next you need to target, but also, it will induce you to work more harder.

Now, the rare question is, how even did you know when your posts are being indexed on Google?

The common answer is, I often and repeatedly check on Google by typing the post’s title and see whether it has been indexed.

What an unreasonable stress! And let me ask, how has that been working for you so far? You’ve already spent those precious times which you suppose to use for another important part on your blog futilely, just on visiting Google every hours to see if your posts have been indexed.

I have pleasure to tell you that, it does not worth that stress, but, anyways, you shouldn’t be blamed too much because you think that’s the best and the only way to do it.

Did you even know Google its self can alert you whenever their bots has indexed your posts?

Yes of course, they can. Ask me how.

As it is apparent, that Google always does the bests to serve its customer at their satisfaction. Not too long, Google released one amazing tool labeled Google Alert – A wonderful custom alert tool.

Google alert is a multipurpose and resourceful tool created by Google for the benefit of massive internet marketers and bloggers.

Google alert is known to manage stuffs like sending custom alerts, using for tracking particular interested contents on the web, getting updates for similar searches whenever it lives on the web and also used for reputation management and brand monitoring.

Beyond above flexibility, Google alert can also be used to track and monitor your post on Google search, such as sending you automatic alert just when your post is indexed.

Now follow steps below to get the best out of Google alert.

How To Setup Google Alert Tool To get Email Notification When Google Indexed Your recent Blog Post. 

Step 1 – Visit Google Alert

Step 2 – Copy and paste this “” into the blank space that says “Create an alert about…..” then, replace “example” with your site’s name.

Step 3 – Configure custom alert.

Go ahead and click “show option” under show option, follow below guideline. 

  • How often – As-it-happens

  • Sources – Automatic

  • Language – English

  • Religion – Any religion

  • How many – All results

  • Deliver to – Enter your preferred e-mail address.

Step 4 – Go ahead and hit Create alert button.

Step 5 – YOU ARE DONE!

Let’s round it up

Now, you’ve successfully prompted Google to send you notification whenever your posts are indexed.

Please note: You’ll only receive alert when your post is indexed not when you published, and on average, post basic indexation period for new blog post is around 7-48 hours, but sometimes it depends on the site authority. (Both page and domain)

Let’s rub minds.

Now, that you have tasted the flexibility of Google alert tool. Let us know your view. Have you been using this tool or you are planning to do so?

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  1. Nice tutorial, this is actually the first time I'm hearing this. And I will try and give it a try. Let's see how it works at the end. Thanks for this.

    1. Glad you like this tutorial, go ahead and try it out. Its amazing.

  2. Did you mean Google will send me messsage when my post is published or indexed Please I need quick response

    1. Google Alert will only notify you when your posts are indexed, not just after you have hit publish button. I hope that solve your question.

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