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6 Simple Ways To Drive traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

It is not unheard, that twitter is a very lucrative platform for content marketers and bloggers to drive tons of traffics to their respective blogs. But, you will have to go beyond the basis of tweeting if you really want to get significant exposure and visibility.

The boring question is: Why is it that other people are killing it on twitter and many other people including you aren’t?

It is actually based on logistics, for instance, there were two different warriors on the war front, but why is it that one always tastes the victory and the other always got defeated?

After all, they both have the same type of sword on their hand. The logic is, one take the best out of his sword better than his opponent. The conqueror has taken some advanced steps to beat the ordinary skill that both of them had.

This is where I’m going, we all knew and aware that twitter can help us drive unlimited traffics, we all had full unrestricted access to have an account, we are all eligible to follow people as much as we can. But some people are still doing well than others regardless the figure of the active followers.

It is all because, the twitter successor user has taken one or more advance steps to outsmart every other normal twitter users would have done.

And maybe you’ve always want to explore extra and additional strategy like those who are killing it on twitter as a result to get some of that success too, but it looks sophisticated, you don’t even know how and where to start.

Relax, I have come with some simple but effective way out, even if you don’t have huge list of twitter followers. One hidden truth is, just squat twitter follower can lead your content to first page on Google search.

I believe in this saying“just as less as 100 of the right followers are far better than 1000 of untargeted followers”

While in this tutorial, I will be revealing some simple but effective methods to get the best out of twitter for your blog posts, despite the fact that the platform has been already crowded and noisy. Have it in mind that you can still stand out and gather your own community.

Let’s dive straight in.

1. Use relevant and visually appealing image along with the link.

If you are yet to take the step of attaching relevant and appealing image to your shared link on twitter, then you have been missing a lot all this while.

Attaching image is a very radiant strategy of finding your ways out of tons of users, I don’t know if you have realized that, we are now in the world, where presentation and decency matter most.

According to show cases, it was reported that, a link with cool images got retweeted 30x more than ones without images on twitter.

That’s too much, isn’t it? But that is what you have been missing all this time. But it’s never too late, start implementing this statics and see where it’s gotten you.

2. Tweet the link more than once

Maybe you have been dwelling in making an expensive mistake of sharing and tweeting your post only just on the very day you publish the post, and forget everything after that day.

If that is the case with you, then I have the joy to tell you that you’ve been doing it wrong. Or maybe you are thinking that repeating the same link every time could be spammy on twitter! No, that is not how twitter works.

You can retweet your post any time any day, as a matter of reference, I have somebody on my twitter follower list, he retweets the same link every day even till today, just because he wants to show case his product to his beloved followers.

Other hidden actuality about retweeting more than once is the fact that, not all your followers is going to sight your tweet if you only share it once. The more you keep sharing it, the better you get people landing on your site.

For instance, like I have said earlier that I had somebody on my list that tweet the same tweet every day, I was actually prompted to click that link one day to see why he is repeating it every time, and believe me, I was still prompted to take what he offers, because he has been tweeting the best all this while.

Now, there are some guides regards tweeting schedule, you cannot just be tweeting the same tweet every time over the years, tweeting the same thing every day works only for promoting a product or services. Just like bluehost and other companies does.

But for articles or blog posts, the best way is to revamp your posts with 3-5 different styles, in which you use each dimensions for the 3-5 times you want to share your link.

  • For the first time, you may tweet the link with exactly all the same features on the blog posts, for example, you can use the same image you use for the posts on your blog, use the same title and headline.

  • For the second time, you can use quote text with quote mark along with link directly to the post. But make sure the quote is relevant with what you post are delivering.

  • For the third time, you can tweet it with another appealing and relevant photo along with some stylish and inquisitive question, and be sure to include link to the article.

3. Add “Click to tweet” button within your post.

Have you come across something like “click to tweet”? Well, if you have not, it is another method of prompting readers to spread your post as it is very fast and simple to use.

With this call-to-action option, readers can easily tweet any quotable words in your article with a link back to your post.

You can access “click to tweet” button by exploiting a wonderful tool called click to tweet, it is very quick and easy to create a free account with, and also, you will be able to add custom text to the provided link. Create an account with click to tweet.

4. Mention people using @ 

This way of promoting post on twitter might look simple, but it works even more than how you expected.

For instance, within your post, you recommend or include somebody’s works by including his link where he teaches similar references, or you mention somebody’s opinion may be by mentioning his name only.

You can reach out to those mentioned people to let them know that you mention them in your post, and this is where the power of mentioning comes in.

People tends to follow the link to where they were mentioned, yes, more likely, and if the post is among those that is well formed and formatted, I mean, if this post is one of those that you put your best in, then you won’t even talk before those people will start helping you share and retweeting the link.

5. Make the best out of your Bio

Although, we all know that, there is limited character lenght in the user bio, but, despite that restriction, you can still make something out of it, even something bigger.

Apart from your blog home page link which majorly included by most of twitter users, you still have privilege to promote specific projects, or one of your best post’s link with short description.

6. Reach out to people individually via direct message 

There is no appalling if you are personally reaching out to people, according to my research, I discovered that, people feel much more impressed when you send them a direct message on twitter.

Aside from that, it is very logistic that if someone send you a direct message, then, he is actually need you to take some action to help him, and based on experience, people tends to take that particular action by following the link to the post.

So, go ahead and reach out to people by sending them a direct message with encouraging description.

Let's round it up

Even though all this method may seem time consuming but, trust me, you are going to see huge increments in your traffic status if you can apply some of these techniques as it does not matter to implement the entire strategies.

Let's rub minds

Now, let us know how you have been using twitter to drive traffic to your blog and if there are any other methods which this post does not mention, please let us know in the comment box.

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