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Create Error Free Content: 20 Free Online Proofreading Tools

Flawless and error-free content is entirely what made up of internet. Researchers, students, even the whole massive wouldn’t have trusted and relied so much on internet to squeeze out information they needed, if all they could find is incomplete sentence, mere grammatical error, spelling mistake and common typos.

Especially, to bloggers, well structured contents are very essential if really you want to succeed online. After all, you can’t expect people to read blog with bad tenses not to talk of crafting them to buy either yours or any of your affiliate products. No, it doesn’t work.

I tweeted a quote on all my active social media some months ago as a result of having client requested cancelling on how to become a professional blogger.

The first criteria I’d to give are about writing. Here is the screenshot form twitter. 

However, if you are not a blogger, but you are one of internet content writer, essay writer, author, student, freelance writer or project researcher. I’m very sure you must have ascertained how crucial quality contents are to readers.

It is very common within writer, we spent almost 70% of our time only on drafting, rewriting and deciding topics based on targeted audience. And the little rest of the time were managed on proofreading.

The truth is, no matter how luminous your writing proficiency is, if there are a lot of misspellings and grammatical errors, my friend, it’s going to get you nowhere.

While that is why I have made a robust effort putting together this list of 20 proofreading tools, that can leverage your article with proper search traffics and sticky reader’s engagement.

Sit back while you enjoy the list.

P.S: These lists are listed randomly, as you can decide which one to use after experimenting them one by one.

1. Spell Check plus

Spell check plus utilizes highly developed yet user friendly interface that enable users to quickly point out both major and minor grammatical mistakes.

The enormous feature of this free online proofreading tool is that it follows a pedagogical approach that encourages learning.

However, this tool is a one in a lifetime privileges for those whom their native language is nothing related to English and also for those who literally aim to improve their writing aptitude.

Spell check plus is slightly different from Microsoft Word concerning interface, but it works 30x better than MS Words as it corrects a lot of mistakes in a very lesser time.

Once you copy and paste your draft work in the blank open text space provided by this wonderful tool, and hit “check text” button, then you will see all mistakes highlighted. Also, compare to other proofreading tools, spell check plus rectify better.

Best of all, spell check plus is capably program to painstakingly sense word that sound the same (Homophones) but which are different in meaning. Such as lead (to go in front of)/lead (a metal), to/two/too, there/their/they're, and pray/pre.

2. Paper Rater

Paper rater is a free online proofreading service with fundamental grammar and editing competency. Unlike others, you don’t need any downloads, which simply mean, you can start using paper rate online without charges or plugin.

Also, this tool is one of the greatest proofreading tools, with inherent plagiarism detector. You will only be asked to enter post title, post author, grade, and type of content before proofreading the article, just because of nothing but to help deliver the best result.

Paper rater will not only present you hints for grammatical mistakes, typos, styles, etc. But also, just exactly like slick writer, paper rater will check your article title as a result to rate your by and large works, such as vocabulary and word choice.

More so, it has a very easy-to-use interface, it underscores spelling blunders in red color and grammatical mistakes in green color. It also provides you additional result like Bad Phrase Score, Education Requirement score, Vocabulary Score.

3. Ginger Software

The third tool on this list is Ginger software. Synonymous to Publish my Writing proofreading tool which I will be mentioning next, Ginger has almost the same features. It just that PMW has some advanced features over Ginger.

Pin pointing Sentence articles errors like The, A, An, are one of the best part that Ginger specialized, that is to say, if you always fall into that side of boo-boo when writing, then Ginger would be no other choice than the best for you.

This tool also, provides compatible extensions and ad-on for every browser just to maintain quick proofreading.

4. Publish My Writing [After the deadline] 

Publish my writing widely known as After the Deadline, is a free online proofreading tool by Automattic (WordPress developers), it also encompass free apps to download for a range of platforms.

It spots out the error in three diverse colors. Such as, A red one for the spelling error, Blue one for style suggestions and Green for grammatical errors.

After the deadline is an online language checker with amazing feature like, contextual spelling, advanced styling, and accurate grammar detections.

It is very simple to use in which you copy and paste your work into the blank space and hit “Check writing” button.

5. Grammarly

If I will be left over with only one proofreading tool for my work, then it will definitely be Grammarly. Because, when it comes to taking lesser and faster proofreading contents, this tool is just wonderful, it even does more than one’s expectation sometimes. I’d even say, it has overthrown some many other tools I uses before.

If you are searching for a solitary reference for proof-reading tool, look no supplementary other than Grammarly. Grammarly is also a multi-purpose tool for writers and bloggers.

Grammarly is very flexible by providing two different option to proofread your articles.

1. you can connect it with chrome extension by the help plug-in provided by grammarly.

2. Or you can use grammarly right online without any stress of downloading any extension. I actually use both as per my need.

For grammarly, it does not necessary to copy and paste your content to their work space, once you’ve enabled its plug-in, you can work on almost everywhere on the web as grammarly will follow you there. There is much about grammarly we can’t even remember.

6. Slick Write

Slick write is one of the vast online free proofreading tools. It comes with over a dozen of options like Structure, Word Variety, Features, Stats, and Flows.

Not only all your contents are healthier with the help of slick write but this tool will also evaluate your writing and will give you better idea that will enhance your writing skill.

You can position what class of grammatical errors should be recognized and what should be overlooked. By default, quite a lot of those setting are disable and immobilized. So, you can enable all of them by visiting the setting tab.

7. Spell

Spell checker is relatively poles apart from other above revealed tools. It proofread your article in diverse languages and recommends different possessions. It also allows you to spell check your whole website. It will be extraordinarily helpful for small blogs.

8. 1 Checker

1 checker is a free online spelling and typos checker that requires nothing but only registration which checks your spellings, grammars and increases text readability.

It proffers a requisite and free tenses structure. 1 checker also provides plug-in for MS Word, and outlook for fast and stress relief proofreading. You can always get the tool extension also available for all modern browsers. 1Checker also provides document templates.

9. Pro Writing Aid 

Pro writing aid is another writing inaccuracy inspection tool for writers, freelancers, bloggers, and book publishers. Pro writing aid identifies spelling and grammatical errors, copied words then finalize by removing the infected line words.

10. White Smoke

White smoke is another great tool that totally inspects articles, blog posts, magazine, news paper and all other forms of contents creation.

If you deal with huge and big number of pages and perhaps also thousands of words in your writing, then, white smoke is one the best to stick with as it has a very clean and fast proofreading flexibility.

11. Reverso

Reverso is a free online tool for checking grammar and spelling error (limited to 600 characters). It is also a free online translation, dictionary, grammar and spell check tool that supply you great editing features.

Other features of reverso grammatical error checker are: it develops your verbal dexterity, it support online translation into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, and it also helps translate idioms with accurate meaning.

I so submit, this list is huge enough to quickly search and grab one from according to your need. if none of the above listed profreading software meets your need, them you might want to browse another 10 online proofreading tools.

Here is the list, go and check them out, and I hope you going to enjoy them all.

12. Proofread Bot

13. Online Correction

14. Hemingway App 

15. Virtual Writing Tutor

16. Grammar Base

17. Web Spell Checker (Limited)

18. Grammar Check

19. Proof Guru (currently on rebranding)

20. Language Tool

Let's round it up

Above is the list of best online content proofreading tools. Don’t let the word “best” trick as nothing is perfect, those entire tool will undoubtedly try as much to point out and hint you errors in your writing, but they can’t find it all.

And that is why you need to be very careful and patience enough to read out loud your post after a thorough proofreading. Doing this will then help you deliver the best content ever to your readers.

Let’s rub minds

Are you using any proofreading tool? If yes, we'd be glad if you mention them for our reader and what are your experiences with them? Also, don’t forget to add any other proofreading tools that could be missing from this list (If you know any!).

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  1. Thanks for the list, I want to say that if Grammarly is not around, another best proofreading tool is white smoke. it works like wizards. lol

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