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160+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Blog SEO

 In today’s post, I will be sharing with you another elegant method of driving not just ordinary traffics but targeted one to your blog. Though, many of us might have aware of this method as it has became one of the most populous techniques using by bloggers and marketers to reap tons of traffics to their site in the recent time.

The so called method is social bookmarking method. However, either you've already familiar with this method or this post is the first spring that is bringing it to your notice, any which way, this post is still one of those that you have to read, because it is going to cover effusively about social bookmarking more than any other sources does.

Now, let’s start with getting to know in detail about what social bookmarking is and how it can effectively affect our blog page ranking (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO)

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is simply a social community where bloggers and internet marketers shares their best articles, blog posts, videos, tutorials and helpful urls in expectation to drive traffics to their particular web pages.

Also, Social Bookmarking are branded social websites that have gained huge and adequate credibility from search engines like Google over the years, which makes them authoritative to pass juice links to small or new blogs that submits their sites to them. Good examples of social bookmarking websites are Reddit, Scoop it and Digg.

Now, Let See How Social Bookmarking Can Help Your Site

1. It helps drive targeted traffics

As I have said earlier in this post that social bookmarking drive you traffics but not just loads of ordinary traffics but also bunches of targeted ones, this simply means, whoever clicks on your submitted links are probably those that actually interested in what your links or title really want to talk about.

And, that’s why title of the submitted posts or articles matters, it was scrutinized to entice readers most of the time. I will talk about submitted article title in detail later in this post by God’s grace.

Therefore, proper social bookmarking implementation can absolutely fetch you huge traffics even more than you have expected. And the more a particular site is increasingly growing in acquiring targeted exposure, the more would such site is going to be profitably growing as a matter of income.

2. It enhances the popularity of submitted blogs or websites

Another benefit of social bookmarking is its enhancement of website’s recognition. As it is very obvious that, before a blog can gain enough popularity, there is no doubt that, much tough effort would be contributed over it for many years.

But now, social bookmarking has reduces that stress for us as it pervasively helps spread blog brands. Once your posts or article is submitted and approved by one of the listed below social bookmarking sites, then, you have showcase your brands in front of thousands (If not millions) of intents people.

People gets to know about your brands (blogs or websites) all over the world as immediate as your url is been submitted, more so, if you have put a very genuine hard work to your submitted posts, you may get uncountable shares and votes from co-social bookmarkers. And that is silently another way of digging traffic hole.

3. It improves site’s page rank on search engines.

If I have the opportunity to state not more than one reason why social bookmarking is the best and effective way of implementing off-page SEO to a site, my point would not be anything other than how it helps increase page ranking.

Fundamentally, social bookmarking is very decisive to link building activities, in which, if efficient campaign is executed, it may pay-off a particular web page by improving its page ranking, indexation period and domain authority drastically on Google search.

Aside from all major social bookmarking benefits that involves various internet users, yet, social bookmarking is categorized as one of the best off-page SEO for bloggers. This simply indicates, that, any web pages that dream of higher page and search rankings should not underestimate social bookmarking as part of its off-page SEO discharges.

Now that we have listened to all good news which proper social bookmarking could offer us as an internet activist, yet, I will like to state some procedures that may turn down our effort in the process of applying social bookmarking strategy.

Let’s see the guidelines

1. Always provide your current and updated profile information – It helps in building a credible profile, make sure you fill out every necessary and required field for better awareness.

2. Don’t be too wise and selfish – Always share and up vote other people’s urls as what you do is what you get.

3. A descriptive title wins the race – make sure you write a clear and descriptive title to enable quick and reader’s glance engagement.

4. Mind bookmark category - Always bookmark your contents along with proper category to secure vast visibility by targeted readers.

Now, let’s go see why we are here (The List)

1. Stumbleupon

2. Pinterest

3. Reddit

4. Twitter

5. Slashdot

6. Scoop.it

7. Digg

8. Newsvine

9. Del.icio.us

10. Inbound.org

11. http://bloggalot.com

12. http://submiturlink.com

13. http://urlsuggest.com

14. http://fearsteve.com

15. http://classiclick.com

16. http://justPep.com

17. http://acymca.net

18. http://tuffclick.com

19. http://update SEE.com

20. http://clickone.co.in

21. http://savemylike.com

22. http://goforbox.com

23. http://sitejot.com

24. http://prbookmarks.com

25. http://ezyspot.com

26. http://linkarena.com

27. http://newsmeback.com

28. http://designfloat.com

29. http://gozoof.com

30. http://netvouz.com

31. http://zeezag.com

32. http://www.bookmarkmaps.com

33. http://www.bookmarkfollow.com

34. http://www.ewebmarks.com

35. http://www.bookmarkingbiz.info

36. http://www.socialbookmarkiseasy.info

37. http://www.bsocialbookmarking.info

38. http://www.hotbookmarking.com

39. http://www.socialbookmarkingtime.info

40. http://www.activebookmarks.com

41. http://www.openwebmarks.com

42. http://www.bookmarkwiki.com

43. http://www.bookmarkdeal.com

44. http://www.bookmarkgroups.com

45. http://www.bookmarkoffice.com

46. http://www.socialwebmarks.com

47. http://www.a1bookmarks.com

48. http://www.socialbookmarknow.info

49. http://www.seobookmarkingsites.com

50. http://www.urlscores.com

51. http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com

52. http://www.socialbookmarksite.info

53. http://www.greateststory.info

54. http://www.seosubmitbookmark.com

55. http://www.onlinewebmarks.com

56. http://www.bookmarkdiary.com

57. http://www.seo4bookmarks.com

58. http://www.bookmarkcart.com

59. http://www.votetags.com

60. http://www.bookmarkspot.com

61. http://www.bookmarks2u.com

62. http://www.newsciti.com

63. http://www.livewebmarks.com

64. http://www.socbookmarking.com

65. http://www.openfaves.com

66. http://www.bookmarkcart.info

67. http://www.a2zbookmarking.com

68. http://www.socialbookmarkingnow.info

69. http://www.a2zbookmarks.com

70. http://www.bookmarktheme.com

71. http://www.topsocialbookmarkseo.com

72. http://www.prbookmarks.com

73. http://www.peoplebookmarks.com

74. http://www.votetags.info

75. http://www.bookmarkrally.info

76. http://www.bookmarkinghost.info

77. http://www.socialbookmarkzone.info

78. http://www.mister-wong.com

79. http://www.mixx.com

80. http://multiply.com

81. http://www.bibsonomy.org

82. http://www.designfloat.com

83. http://www.kwoff.com

84. http://bignet.biz

85. http://www.dropjack.com

86. http://www.propeller.com

87. http://www.linkagogo.com

88. http://faves.com

89. http://www.jumptags.com

90. http://www.social-bookmarking.net

91. http://www.maple.nu

92. http://tipd.com

93. http://www.searchles.com

94. http://www.backflip.com

95. http://www.theviraltrend.com

96. http://www.sinoloveo.com

97. http://www.a1-webmarks.com

98. http://url.org

99. http://www.myusa.com

100. http://www.newsmeback.com

101. http://www.spurl.net

102. http://news4vn.com

103. http://hotbmark.com

104. http://bookmarks.oneindia.in

105. http://www.kirtsy.com

106. http://www.ecopuncture.com

107. http://www.oyax.com

108. http://uyghur.co.uk

109. http://bookawards.smallbiztrends.com

110. http://www.newskick.de

111. http://www.officialbookmark.com

112. http://www.ohter.com

113. http://www.blogregator.net

114. http://www.blogospherenews.com

115. http://cloudytags.com

116. http://www.alfadigital.info

117. http://rubydojo.org

118. http://www.worthbookmarking.com

119. http://ansol.1407.org

120. http://otavo.com

121. http://orangify.com

122. http://qofari.com

123. http://smart-bookmarking.com

124. http://myesubmitz.com

125. http://www.sitejot.com

126. http://wanbookmarks.com

127. http://socialmonkee.com

128. http://portal.tw

129. http://www.bookmarktracker.com

130. http://postonfire.com

131. http://www.it-ideas.com

132. http://www.wobblog.com

133. http://linksnapr.com

134. http://socialblare.com

135. http://www.bookmarks.wedigg.co.uk

136. http://www.socialdanger.com

137. http://wagg.it

138. http://solinkable.com

139. http://www.blogmyway.org

140. http://www.blogbookmark.com

141. http://bookmarks.sadiakomal.com

142. http://www.blogreporter.biz

143. http://www.wedigg.co.uk

144. http://link-to-results.com

145. http://linksnapr.com

146. http://bookmarks.psycmeister.com

147. http://www.dofollowbookmark.org

148. http://www.bukmark.net

149. http://blogwealthwood.com

150. http://www.socialogs.com

151. http://urselections.com

152. http://www.newsocialbookmarks.com

153. http://www.ideaspol.com

154. http://www.justdofollow.com

155. http://www.webmaster911.com

156. http://blessedit.com

157. http://www.bookmarksdiary.com

158. http://www.subbmitt.com

159. http://www.webmaster911.com

160. http://www.blogcharts.net

161. http://www.yoomark.com

162. http://www.bravsbookmarks.com

163. http://www.submitbookmark.info

Let’s round it up

Finally, that is the huge lists of high PR social bookmarking website for proper and effective link building and targeted exposure.

One more thing, please, let be very much careful when submitting url to these bookmarking sites as any link caught or suspicious as a spam link will immediately be penalized. Because many of these site directory has some very strict rules to abide with.

This simply means, one should not spam the community by posting too much of urls or repeating the submitted ones.

Another advice is, you should make sure you don’t bookmark anything except those contents that you put the best in as it will make people keep checking your profile for more every time.

Let’s rub minds

Let us know your view. Have you been using any social bookmarking site effectively? Or you are planning to start with some out of this list? Or you want to add other bookmarking sites that we didn’t mention in this post, any which way, our readers are looking forward to read your thoughts.

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