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Ultimate Guide: How To Get Google Adsense Approval In One Sign up

It is no more a news when we keep saying that Google Adsense is the best CPC advertisement program for many publishers principally included bloggers.

Google Adsense have been populous enough to be known even by a fresh newbie in the blogging industry.

I asked one good friend of mine who happens to be just 5 days old blogger of how does he intend to monetize his blog in the nearest future?

The very first advertisement network he mentioned was Google Adsense, he said he has read a lot about them and through the comments from people, he could definitely see they are reliable.

However, if you are also a newbie which all of these I have been talking about sound strange to, then I will try and start with some points which will actually give you basis knowledge about Google Adsense, such as: What is exactly google Adsense and how does it work.

Without any further ado, I hope we are good to move in.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the largest advertisement network, powered and sponsored by google, Google Adsense offered a decent PPC advertisement method, Google Adsense do stands as a middle man between both advertisers and publishers.


PPC: PPC is a system of advertisement in which you get paid whenever your client or visitors click on any ads banner or texts on your website. PPC can be fully called Pay Per Click.

Advertisers: Advertisers as usually may be known as individual or group of company that are willing to advertise their products or services. For instance, let assume you are one of the savvy geeks that insanely knew how to design a website in an exclusive style, and of course, you have designed many websites but you are thinking of getting more sales and leads which eventually push you to advertise your services and products to the targeted people.

In such cases above, you, who have a product to advertise will certainly be called an advertiser. Hope this is clear!

Publishers: Publisher may be anyone who has what it takes to advertise for advertisers. For instance, a radio and TV stations has what it takes to call advertisers in, such as listeners, audience, and some vision tools which can show case your product and services to targeted audience.

Likewise in our own case as a blogger, we also has all what it takes to become a publisher, we have many readers which we call a traffic in blogging lingo, we also have spaces to show ads on our blogs and all other requirements

How does Google Adsense works?

Just like I have said above, Google Adsense stands as a middle man between both advertisers and publishers. When I say a middle man, I mean they are responsible for all the talks and negotiation between both the advertiser that wanted to advertise and the publishers that has a blog and or a website like me and you. 

This is the theory: Advertisers hook up with Adsense with their services and products, Google Adsense does the product reviews and negotiations concerning payment and then Adsense turn to you as a publisher to see if your blog suit what the advertisers wants.

Adsense will send out bots software to crawl all the pages on your site to see what ads would be relevant to your blog and also what ads would your readers found interesting.

That is why sometimes, a blog that talks about technology today, recipes tomorrow and fashion in the next day don’t really get Adsense approval easily.

When you place Adsense Ads on your blog, you can always get paid as high as possible once readers are clicking on it, and I guess that’s what makes them so fantastic. CLICK!

Now that you have fully understood what Google Adsense is and how it works. Then I think it is the high time we barge into the main topic.

Criterions You Need To Follow In Getting Adsense Approval In Just One Sign up.

In today’s topic, I sincerely need to let you understand that if you follow this steps as will be listed below, there is no doubt in your getting Adsense approval in just one sign up.

These points that will be highlighted below are what we can call a charming practical system. We have implemented it for many clients, and many friends have tested its efficacy.

Now let get to work.

Criterions You Need To Follow To Get Adsense Approval In Just One Sign up.

1. Content Quality:

The very first step you need to take in getting Adsense approval is structuring your content. Yet, the biggest mistakes that are always made by most especially the newbie bloggers are contents structuring.

The term “contents quality or quality contents” is one of the major tasks that undoubtedly have to be done when you indeed want to get Google Adsense approval.

Contents quality included two factors: content originality and length of content.

Contents Originality: This factor matter most as Google its self has grown and smart enough to detect such contents which are not originally written by you. Don’t you think about that!

As matter of fact, if you are the type that likes to copy others contents, there are bigger chances that your posts and even your entire blog would not rank as high as it should in Google search.

Not to talk of intending to partnership with them as a publisher, you should know they would do everything to ensure you are giving a hard work in return to your earning.

So, in this case, you really need to be unique and innovative. Try as much as possible to write what you know and confident about even if it is going to take much time. Consider this famous saying “content is the king”.

Length of contents: While we are still talking about contents quality factors, lengths of post are really very important, because, before any contents would be classify as quality content, such contents must possess what we call length of posts.

From experience, 1200 words and above is a type of content that can be classify as a quality content, so far I have got to understand how incredibly lengthy posts works, my own strategy of writing a blog posts concerning length always equal or more than 1200 words.

So I strongly advise, you should possess a deep research and write detailed contents.

2. Write Based On Niche:

As you may have known that being specific on whatever you are doing is one of the brilliant method of life, being straight and specific would not only get you awareness from people but also it will rapidly grow your business and drive you mammoth sales.

And don’t you think your blog is your business? Even if you have not been taken your blog as a business, then, I think this is the right time you should take it to consideration. Whatever you are looking upon to fetch you money or putting food on your table can never be called another name than Business.

Not sticking to one niche is one of the hidden secret for adsense rejection of many blogs, this has happened to me many times when attempting to get an Adsense approval for clients before I got to notice the cause.

According to Google Adsense, Adsense always sent out bots to crawl your whole website including pages and posts to determine what sort of Ads would be relevant to your website.

So, by the virtue of this, if the bots crawl your web page and can’t significantly finalize what your website is all about, then that is when they send you a mail saying your site does not comply with Adsense policies.

So try as much as possible to stick with one niche you always find productive, though, it takes some times to determine what niche that best suit you, it took me more than 4 months to figure out my strength concerning niche. But trust me it is going to work like a charm when you do.

3. Blog Structure/Design:

No matter how helpful and informative your contents may be, No matter how professional your writing skill, No matter how gifted you are when it comes to detecting what reader’s problems are, it is all like a huge amount of precious materials packed inside a dirty sack, you know it is never going to get noticed.

Without the fact that Adsense looks into blog’s design as one of the strongest criterion in getting their approval, yet, standard blog design can excessively multiply your blog’s traffics and most of the time attracts the first time visitors, most of all, it reduces the bounce rate of your blog.

The structure of a blog will definitely calculate how engaged would first time visitors interact with your blog.

Most of all, it was stated in official Adsense approval guide that, any blog that intend to be monetized must provide a clear navigation system for its readers. This simply means, we should make it easier for readers to navigate all pages and sections without too much of stress.

It does not matter where your navigation bar located, it could be on the top or by the sidebar of your blog, just provide an easy navigation as required.

Moreover, make sure you clear your sidebar and footer to ensure there is no unwanted or unnecessary widgets and banners, it is one of the styles of structuring a blog design which is very important.

4. Write Important Pages:

Important pages on a blog may include About, Contact, Disclaimer, and a Privacy page. This beautiful idea to a degree comes from some famous bloggers. And over the years, this method has been tested by users and resulted to recommendable testimonies.

Adding all these pages to your blog will not only give a quick description about what your blog is all about but also it will show reader how professional your blog is.

So try as much as possible to include all these pages on your blog. You can check bloggerwallet’s privacy, About, Contact, Disclaimer pages to have a better scheme on how to write it for your blog.

5. Total Number of Post:

Directly from Google Adsense final review email which mostly sent to those that has been rejected once or more, it was stated that any blog that would be approved must have sufficient text on it.

As you might have noticed, many participants that applied for adsense didn’t get approval mostly because of insufficient texts or contents. And this is why you need to target the total number of posts you should have before applying for Adsense.

Do not be that hasty to the point that applying when the total number of posts on your blog are just 10 or below. I would strongly suggest a minimum of 25-30 quality posts that plays along with length of post rule we have talked about earlier in this post.

If I were you, I would have waited long enough to have the minimum number of posts rather than rushing for application that may not get approval.

Personal Advise From Personal Experience In Getting Adsense Approval Once you Signed up

Let me quickly take off clothes from some hidden secrecy of getting Adsense approval which I have personally discovered so far.

1. During the process when adsense is working on reviewing your blog, I would solely imply you have some ready-to-published posts on ground, ideally 2 or 3 ready-to-published posts. So during the review processing, try as much as possible to publish these posts with interval of 2 to 3 days from each. It is a clever working trick.

2. It is an important step to take by ensuring your blog design reaches a complete stage before applying for Adsense. It always stated by Adsense that one should not apply while his blog is still in beta or under construction phase.

Under whatsoever circumstances, you should not lay your hands on redesigning your blog during approval process. Because if you do so, Adsense review representative are much likely to consider your blog as one blog that never get settled, and they will send you an email of try again.

3. Although, this is not official, but it is very clever, before you even apply for adsense, disable all other advertisement networks you might be using, its not that Adsense hate all other Ads networks, but it seems to show how serious you have prepared to become their partner

And again, some Ads are disgusting and irritating, especially those pop under, but any which ways, just make sure you remove all the Ads for the required period of time. Guess it cost you nothing! 

So, by devoting time and working thoroughly according to all above rules, you can undoubtedly get Adsense approval without stress or got rejected even for once, as I have said earlier that all these strategies have been used by many clients and co-workers and ultimately turned out to be the best working Adsense guide.

Just make sure you follow every step we have discussed above and Adsense will have no other choice than to give your blog the approval it deserves.

Now it is time to rub minds together!

I will very much like to listen to your view about this, have you gotten adsense approval? If so, how has been your experience with them? Or what other precautions would you suggest for people to avoid when applying for adsense? Your contributions would be highly appreciated.

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  1. Hi nice post, I'm also planning to apply next week, i hope they approve my blog, I will follow all listed steps above, and this is the 9th times, let see if i could be lucky this time.

    1. Hi Earnasmuch.

      Its good to see you here, by the way, there is no why you shouldn't get approval if you follow all the points above. Like i have said, it works like a charm. Hope you will let us know when your application have been approved! happy blogging.