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How To Manually Submit Your Wordpress Blog’s Sitemap To Google Search Console

Did you know you can dictate to Google how you want them to treat your blog or website? Did you know you can tell Google when and how often they should crawl and index your posts?

Yes, all of the above facts that sounds like myths are real and indeed possible. But we all know that, a step must be taken before cigarette catches fire.

Thus, that is what we are about to do now, which simply mean, we are going to take some steps before Google as giant as it is, will have no other choice than to listening to us and do according to our preference.

To politely impose Google to crawl and index your site requires just simple action which is a submission of your site’s sitemap to Google.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is simply an XML file that comprises all URLs (both posts and pages urls) of your blog.

That XML file is actually what we can call a sitemap as it helps crawlers to find all the existing and dead urls on your blog. Crawlers are like bots that Google sends out to fetch both old and new information from websites and blogs.

Which basically implies, if crawler does not crawl your site, there is no way your new articles and posts would be indexed, and when posts are not indexed, there is no way people is going to find your posts on search engines. Period!

For detailed talks about sitemap, you might later want to read an extensive article on Wikipedia.

Now, that you have understood how sitemaps works, then, we should move to how to get that XMLsitemap file and submit it to Google.

How To Generate Sitemap For Your Wordpress Blog

The cases are different with various blogging platforms. Normally, for blogging platform like blogger (blogspot), we uses online sitemap generators for creating sitemap for our blog, which I have covered in the previous post titled complete blogger SEO for beginners.

Read the post here: Complete blogger SEO guide for beginners

But, this post mainly focused on wordpress, therefore, we will only take a look at how to generate and submit a wordpress blog’s sitemap to Google.

It is a lot easier on wordpress more than other blogging platforms to generate and submit sitemap to Google as there are popular plugins like Yoast SEO which will not only allow us to submit the sitemap but also, it will help us automatically update the sitemap whenever we publishes a new post.

I’m going to assume you have already generated your sitemap with Yoast plugin or if you have not, you may need to read this comprehensive guide by Wpbeginner.

How To Submit The Generated Sitemap To Google Search Console

To submit a sitemap to Google, you first of all need to register to Google Search Console (formerly known as Googlewebmaster tool). Follow this link to create an account with Google search console if you haven’t have one before. There is no need to register another account if you have got one before. All you need to do is to just sign in with your gmail if you are not already signed in.

When you have signed in, you will automatically landed on Google search console dashboard which assigned for your website. Search console dashboard looks like below screenshot at the time when this post was written.

Now, on the left side in the dashboard, go ahead and navigate crawl > sitemap. See screenshot below.


After you have navigated the sitemap, you will land on the very page where you will be able to submit your sitemap.

Now, on the right side of the displayed page, go ahead and hit ADD/TEST SITEMAP button. 

Then, in the dropdown box, just go ahead and type this: sitemap.xml and hit submit button.

Let’s round it up

And that’s all of it, you have just successfully submitted your blog’s sitemap. Please note that, it may take few days before you will be able to see all the crawled urls and all index statuses especially for newly submitted blog’s sitemap.

Let’s rub mind

I will like to know whether you have submitted your blog’s sitemap to Google search console and how has been the effectiveness so far.

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