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5 Best Wordpress Hosting Services For Bloggers In 2017

Among those fragile steps that needed to be taken carefully when you are about to start your blogging journey is choosing the right hosting providers.

Web hosting is like types of a land you have bought to build houses on. While lands can determine how long your house would live. In this theory, your website stands as a house while the hosting plan you are about to choose stands as a land.

No matter how structured and beautiful your house is, if you build it on a waterlogged land, there is no alteration for such a house but to get submerged.

The same things goes with choosing a web hosting provider, a choice of a wrong web hosting provider will leave nothing behind but to affect your site with many unbalances, including, poor loading speed, highly complicated interface, deprived customer support and recurrent broken servers.

While in this post, we will be looking at the list of best, cheap and reliable web hosting services for bloggers with detailed features comparisons.

Spend wisely and save penny: Read before you proceed.

As there are different form of hosting plan offered by hosting companies, such as Shared, Managed and VPS hosting. This is where you need to save some penny, for beginners with low or medium range of traffics, you don’t need to opt-in for an expensive hosting plan such as managed and VPS as they are mostly used by blogs with huge traffics, but instead, you should go for shared hosting.

Now let’s move straight to today’s lesson.

Bloggerwallet Checklist: Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Providers
Features Bluehost Hostgator Siteground Inmotion A2hosting
Disk Space/Bandwidth unlimited unlimited Metered unlimited unlimited
Free domain
1-click Installation
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 45 Days 30 Days 90 Days 30 Days
24/7 Technical Support
Free SSL Certificate
Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the top webhosting services for bloggers, it is always recommended by many professional bloggers as per their experiences, not only that, it was officially recommended for hosting wordpress blogs by a whole wordpress.org itself. That’s amazing!

Blueshost is still one of the few hosting services that offer a very cheap and competitive price, there are 3 different hosting plans under bluehost shared hosting package, which will surely suit your budget, no matter how high or low your budget looks like.

The three different plans are: Basic, Plus and Prime.

Bluehost Basic plan allow you to host just only 1 site at a given time while plus plan give more windows to manage multiple (unlimited) site on the same server and Prime plan is mainly mends for business or service site.

What makes bluehost more stands out was their offering of free SSL certificate which is now a strong factor for higher ranking in search engines and also the offering of latest PHP version (PHP 7.0) which helps websites load faster than normal regardless of site’s file size.

                        Bluehost Detailed Features

       ✔Unmitered Bandwidth                     ✔Unlimited Website Hosting

       ✔Rating 9.8                                         ✔Free 1 Year Domain name

       ✔Support PHP 7 Version                     ✔Free SSL Certificate

       ✔24/7 Customer Support                     ✔Free Site Migration

                          ✔1-Click Wordpress Installation 

2. Hostgator

Hostgator was founded among one of the most used hosting services so far, as they have hosted up to a million websites across the globe. They provides 1-click wordpress installation with steady 24/7 customer support.

Hostgator offers a cheap webhosting plan, it also offers 3 eye-catching plans including Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plan. The hatchling plan is designed only to manage one site while baby plan can mange unlimited sites and business plan always programmed for business and services.

It is just that, there are some little services which would be separately paid for, unlike other web hosting which have included those service with their plans. Those services including:

(i). A domain name, hostgator will not provide free domain name with their plan, which mean you will need to buy a domain name maybe separately from them or from other reliable domain registrar like 1and1, Namecheap or Godaddy.

(ii). Hostgator has many amazing services like Hackalert monitoring, Professional Email, Site backup and SSL certificate, but all of these are not free but you may want to pay for any of them that can help your website and ignore which doesn’t seems useful.

                                   Hostgator Detailed Features

              ✔Easy-to-use Cpanel                   ✔24/7 Technical Support

              ✔Free Site Migration                   ✔Unlimited Bandwidth

            ✔45 Day Refund Policy              ✔1-Click Wordpress   Installation

3. Siteground

It’s being quite a couple of years when Siteground has been dragging the top position with bluehost as wordpress.org is starting to recommend them just like bluehost.

This hosting provider might not be the cheapest in the field and their price might not be as competitive as you thought, but this hosting provider has been rated higher above all webhosting services for it’s speed and security level.

Siteground shared hosting also renders 3 consecutive plans which included Startup, Growbig and Growgeek. According to these plans name, it has reflected their ability as Startup is mends only for 1 website while Growbig moves forward to host unlimited websites and Growgeek are designed for large business.

Siteground is one of the services that offers a complete package of VPS, Reselling Hosting and Dedicated servers which makes it more easier for their client to upgrade to managed or VPS when their traffics increases.

                                 Siteground Detailed Features

                      ✔Unlimited Hosting                  ✔Free Site Transfer

                       ✔24/7 Customer Support          ✔Rating: 9.1

                       ✔Free Daily Backup                  ✔99.9% Uptime

                                         ✔30 Days Money Back

4. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is also an excellent webhosting service that has according to statistics powered up to 300,000 websites worldwide with fast response from customer support service.

Inmotion offers a very exceptional and a long term refund policy in which you can request for refunding your money if you feel their service doesn’t meet up with your need any more within 90 days of the purchase.

It also offers a free domain name and despite the fact that they are non-EIG hosting company which provides unlimited hosting storage plus bandwith, yet Inmotion offers unlimited bandwith with SSD hosting.

                                        Inmotion Detailed features

        ✔Unlimited Disk Space                                ✔1 Year Free Domain

        ✔90 Days Money Back Policy                       ✔Free Data Backup

         ✔Zero Down-time Website transfer              ✔SSH Acces

5. A2hosting

From webmasters, bloggers and internet activist’s voices, A2hosting appears to line up with the best and fastest webhosting in the recent time, as their uptime claims to be 99.97% in the last 12 months.

A2hosting is the best budget hosting for wordpress because of its peerless price. They offer 3 good plans based on the choices and financial capability of clients. Those 3 plans titled: Lite, Swift and Turbo.

Lite plan can be the best hosting plan for a raw beginners who are dealing with just one website as it allows to host nothing more than 1 website while Swift plan can be used for both medium and closed-to-large websites as it allows to host unlimited websites and finally, Turbo plan are 20X faster than both Lite and Swift and it is the best for business or service oriented or a large branded websites.

                              A2Hosting Detailed Features           

             ✔Free SSD                                 ✔24/7 Customer Support

      ✔Second Best Uptime With 99.97%   ✔Free Hack Scan

                            ✔Easy-to-use Control panel

Let’s round it up

Above listed webhosting providers are the best and yet recommended by many professionals, each of these services has one or two qualities better than one another.

If somebody tells you that one hosting service is the best, I will strongly disagree as per the global review, no hosting service performs best through-out the whole year and all web hosting services has their weaknesses.

So in this case, all these 5 webhosting services above are the best, most reliable and most used worldwide. Which is why am going to advise you to stay between these 5 ranges of hosting services when you are ready to buy a hosting plan.

Because there have been many experience users behinds them, in the sense that, it won’t be too difficult to browse internet and find solution to some inevitable problem you might be facing when setting it up.

Let’s rub minds

Now let us know your view about these lists, have you used any of the lists above? If so, what are your experiences with them? And thank you as you contributes.

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  1. its actually a nice list, but no matter what, bluehost will always outsmart all of them, I'm sorry if am sentimental, but bluehost is my preference for so long.

  2. I understand, but every knows how reputable is bluehost, I also always recommend blue host. Even wordpress its self does, so do us. Thanks for your comment mate.