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Google Keyword Planner – Access Without Creating Ad Campaign Or Providing Credit Card.

Google keyword planner is one of the best free keyword research tools worldwide, and as we all know that keyword research plays a very vital role when it comes to website’s SEO.

However, it is not like many blogger does not want to do keyword research before writing a post, afterall, we are all aware of the dazzling benefit in doing keyword research, but many bloggers found it slightly inconvenience to opt-in for paid keyword research services like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro and many others.

I guess you might want to ask this question “thought Google keyword planner is Free? ” yes, it is absolutely free, but the problem lies on how to set it up and how to start using it.

This happened to me many times when I initially started, I always heard that Google keyword planner is free, but I tried and sign up with this tool, they were asking me to submit the damn credit card and create Ad campaign.

It was so nervous, then I had to step it aside and move on with writing contents ordinarily and without keyword research. It was a faithful day when I was just stumbling the internet and came across one tutorial that explains it all.

Now, I am very sure that there are many people who are still struggling to get started with GKP, which unfortunately couldn’t find a helping hands.

Well, here is a benefit for bloggerwallet’s readers, while in this tutorial, I will walk you around how to setup this tool with clear simple steps.

Let’s get started.

Step-by-step: How To Setup Google Keyword Planner Without Creating Ad campaign or Providing A Credit Card.

P.S: You will need to use only a Gmail account which you have never used for GKP before. Ideally, you may create a new Gmail account.

Step 1:

Clich here to create Adword accounts, on the displayed page, click create new account and you will be asked to enter your Gmail account, make sure you provide a Gmail account which you’ve never used.

Step 2:

This is where many mistakes has been occurred to many people, after you have provide your Gmail account, please do not click continue. Instead, click skip the guide setup

Step 3:

On the next displayed page, you will be asked to submit some little information such as Email address, your country, Time zone, and currency. This has no critic, just fill it and hit save and continue.

Step 4:

You will be taken to the next page where you will start using your Google keyword research tool.

To start doing keyword research, navigate [Tools > Keyword planner] and then you can start searching for different keywords with different targeted results.

Please note that GKP has usage limits as because it is a free tool, but it is the best for a beginner who does not always integrate many keywords.

Let’s rub minds together

Well, that is the basic and the simplest step in accessing Google keyword planner, now I will like to hear from you, have you been facing the same problem or what other tricks can one use to setup GKP? Your contributions are always welcome.

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