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9 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Effective Content Marketing [Updated]

Keyword research is an essential part of search engine optimization modus operandi (formula), which can never be detached from all major SEO tasks in digital marketing system.

What really is keyword research?

Keyword research is a nucleus SEO chore that involves in identifying popular words and phrases which people always find in the search engine as a result to know the most ranked ones.

Keyword research will not only reveal to you how high people are searching for particular words and phrases on the search engine, but also, it will help you draw up a data which let you figure out how progressive your contents have gone on the SERPs (search engine result page).

However, I will like not beat for long around the bush as the purpose of this post is to highlight lists of most viable free keyword research tools which help marketers and bloggers to squeeze out the best phrases to rank for.

Thus, we will discontinue explanations on what keyword research is and how to make use of it.

For more notes on keyword research, you may later need to see these detailed pieces of writing on wikipedia and Moz.

Now, here is the authoritative list of 9 best free keyword research tools which will rapidly let you explore new high demanded search keywords.

Let’s go see the list.

1. Wordstream

Wordstream is a well-known keyword research tool which have been tested and reviewed by many authority websites and blogs including SEJ (Search Engine Journal) and SEL (Search Engine Land)

This tool has proclaimed itself for free with little features limitless. Wordstream allows just 30 searches for its non-paid plan, where you just need to enter your desire keyword into the search bar and leave the remaining work to wordstream to supply the relevant keywords.

Most importantly, you can decide to download the entire generated keyword lists at once by exporting to your local computer or exporting it to your e-mail account in CSV format.

2. Ubersuggest.IO

Ubersuggest is the most used and populous free keyword research tool just after we skipped out Google keyword planner, this tool is an amazing which I personally have been used, and I’d confessed that it works at its best, even more than GKP. That’s from my perspective.

Ubersuggest is a long-tail keywords revealer which combines both Bing and other keyword suggestion tools as a result to display detailed lists of reasonable long-tail keyword.

It helps fetch keyword data on both SEO and PPC with huge overview from volume to cost per click data.

Most of all, Ubersuggest outsmarts all of those out there by not imposing first time registration to users.

3. Google Keyword Planner (GKP)

As we all understand that, Google is the biggest and most reliable internet service group in the current time, they have secure a reputable brands which entrust many people. As a result of this, almost all website believes that, any software or programs hosted by Google would be no doubt but to be the best. Well, I’m not saying GKP is the best, but all other free keyword researching tools are nothing but alternative to Google Keyword planner.

Google keyword planner is an startling free tool controlled by Google which makes us think that it will be the best when we are targeting keyword suggestions from Google, at least they owns them both.

This wonderful keyword research tool offers numerous viable features such as, it helps to multiply keyword lists with one another in other to form and generate a new phrase from the existing keyword, it is also allow user to easily export data either by downloading the entire keyword result list or by exporting it individually to your local PC as Excel type sheet.

Recommend: How to access Google Keyword Planner without creating Ad campaign or providing credit card.

4. Keyword Eye


Keyword eye is one of the best keyword researching tools, which specially visualizes the keyword suggestion. Given that this tool was initiated by Google UK, it always shows results based on UK location.

To target another geo-location, you will manually have to set it to that particular location as keyword has provided such beautiful integration.

This keyword research tool has both paid and free version of its services, but, being that this post is targeting to write just about the free version, we will not go an inch to elucidate about paid version.

The free version of this tool would enable but limited the exploitation to 100 keywords, I think this is more than enough for low business parties.

Another incredible feature from this tool is, how it tolerates to customize research queries just the way you want it, not only that, you can straightforwardly contrast a set of keyword as regards relevant metrics like competition and search volume. One of the most interested part is that, it allow user to add preferred keywords to separate listing of download.

Please Read: keyword eye is no more offering free services due to some reasons which is not disclosed, but they have made it so convenience for users in terms of cheap plan rate.

It is $5 dollar for 1 month and I think that's more than cheap for the expensive services this awesome tool offers.

5. Keyword Spy

According to keyword spy itself, keyword spy is the best tool by far for anyone, this simply mean, regardless of your class, business, or your niche, keyword eye has made available to make your phrase research more easier.

This gorgeous tool always acted as the name implies “keyword SPY” while it allow you to factually spy on keywords, and that’s not all of it, as it spies on keywords, so also it spies on many other interesting aspects such as Domain, Destination urls, and Ad copies.

It also helps in fabricating lists profitable keywords by searching your competitor’s keywords and it will also fetch you a substantial database of the actual related terms and phrases in the mean time.

6. KeywordTool.IO

KeywordTool.IO leads the first position when we are considering the best free long-tail keyword tool, as it helps users generate long-tail keywords and analyze competition for a definite keyword.

This amazing keyword research tool offers very competitive features despite its free services, among those features are: it offers over 750 long tail keyword suggestions for all search terms from Google, over 600 search terms from Bing, it assists user by revealing over 750 keywords which people are searching from YouTube.

Not only that, this tool works so luminously in the sense that, it discloses those entire premiums long tail keywords which even Google Keyword Planner hides from its result. It is also produces 99.9% accurate result with no errors, it is fast and free, it is very easy and cheap enough to upgrade whenever you feels like. Like I have said earlier, this tool has many amazing features which we can’t even mention all of it.

7. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is completely a free keyword research tool which offers premium to only those who wishes, this tool is said to be an incredible tool with large sizes of database with virtually 30 billion searches straddling more than 200 search engines , and as you may have known that the larger the database is, the larger and accurate the keyword suggestions is going to provide.

And that is why keyword discovery has whitewashed many keyword research tools, not only that, keyword discovery is one the best tools that values a very clear and easy user integration.

8. KW Finder

KW Finder is one the best tool that gives almost all what you are going to be looking for in such a good keyword research tools, even during the free trial. Not only have that, KWFinder been recommended by many experts as the best alternative to the recent world largest keyword research tool (SEMrush)

This awesome tool does not only analyze relevant keywords but it also supplies Google search engine result page results with vital SEO metrics such as DA, PA, PR and Links.

KW Finder can uncover as many keywords as possible by the power of its multiplication, this simply mean, after displaying normal result for a particular keywords, it can also multiply those keywords with one another and explore a very huge database of highly accurate keyword search results.

9. Keyword.IO

If you didn’t skip anything right from the start of reading this post, you must have noticed we have mentioned one initially, I think it was listed in number 4 on this list. Do not get confused, as they are completely 2 different tools. Even their names are little bit different as the first listed one is and this one is ordinary is a very radiant tool that shore up many search engines and many services including Google, Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, Youtube, Ebay and much more.

This tool allows you to target specific keywords along with specific countries. It also shows relevant URL for the specific keywords you entered. Suggestion results can also be easily downloaded to your e-mail.

Let's round it up

Amongst the listed above tools, there are some that are completely free even for lifetime, while some are trial which limited to some features at some points and at some particular periods of time. But all of them are free which you should check on.

Let’s rub minds

As I believed that, above lists are very few in the midst of countless number of existing keyword research tools, I also will like to learn from you, if you can mention any other free keyword tool which I didn’t talk about in the comment. And also, please share your experience if you have used any tool from the above list.

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