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7 Stand-out And Well-paid Methods to Monetize Your Blog without Google Adsense

Google Adsense is undoubtedly one of the best Ad networks around the globe which almost 80% of bloggers plucked their monthly income. Yes, that fact can never be disputed, and yes, I guess you may be one of those bloggers.

But, why did you so rely on one Ad network? You never taught of exploring other monetization methods or you are thinking that Adsense is enough? Anyway, let me ask you this question, what if you got banned?

If you are hoping to work for Adsense forever, then you might be on the wrong side which could later give you a sudden frightening. Even if you plays according to all Adsense terms, that does not mean you cannot get banned, and this can be proven by many people with many experiences.

In this case, you need to consider this saying “A good days should be prepared because of an unexpected bad day” and that is why I have come with these well-paid different strategies of monetizing your blog without waiting for Google Adsense.

Let’s move to the list.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have been blogging for quite a while, you must have heard about affiliate marketing, perhaps, many times without numbers. There is no myth in what many professional bloggers used to say that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn your dream in blogging.

Let do the theory together, many pro bloggers including Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIcome, Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud and Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger insisted on saying the same thing. Don’t you think there is something attached to that rhythm!

Pat Flynn who is recurrently earning over $120,000 a month shares his secret of earning that huge amount of money, he talked about nothing other than affiliate marketing, likewise Harsh of Shoutmeloud also do share his hidden professional secret of beating down the target of earning nothing less down $30,000 dollar a month and same things goes with many other big bloggers including Jon Morrow who doesn’t recently disclose his income report, but what we all know for sure as a habitual fans of SmartBlogger is he has also crossed a earning target of $100,000 per month.

Though it might be tough to get balanced in affiliate marketing world, but once you detect the working charming strategies and a sales funnel for yourself, then you will realize how rewarding affiliate marketing works.

Most importantly, there is no fixed time, fixed duration, fixed experiences and fixed traffics to get started with affiliates, unlike many other monetization methods which require a huge amounts of traffics to get started.

So, start working on affiliate marketing right now, find a product which your readers can benefit from and start promoting it, the most important thing when promoting affiliate product is to promote the right ones. A good example of a right affiliate for the right blog is this blog ( promoting bluehost and many other blogging related products.

2. Build Your Own Product And Sell.

This method of monetization is a very good one in the sense that, you will not only be paid a commission but also all the main income will go to your pocket. Very fantastic!

This monetization strategy will privilege you to be your own boss as you didn’t serve ads for any company, you didn’t promote any products and be waiting for commissions. This method works so cool in the sense that, if you sell just only one product in a week, you may have covered up to 50% more than a damn commission you are going to get from affiliate product.

Your own product we are talking about may be anything in form of, softwares, plug-ins and physical appliance. This task may require a huge amount of investment to start with. Because, if selling of software and plug-in is your target, you will need to hire or employ software engineers and developers for building strong and targeted plug-in and software which your readers can’t resist to buy.

Building your own product for sale is one the easiest and most lucrative systems of getting yourself ready for Adsense negative side.

3. Try Other Ad Networks

Adsense is truly the best among all Ads served networks, but, it would have been an overstatement to say it is the only advertisement network around for bloggers.

There are many other advertisement networks including cost-per-click, cost-per-sales and pay-per-actions, which pays nearly as the same as Google Adsense

As a matter of facts, there are some blogs which adsense really don’t greatly work on, it is not that those blog does not have enough traffics to earn from Adsense but their niche don’t really appreciate Adsense, example of such niches are blogs that based mostly on tutorials. People tends to visit a tutorial blogs, reads what they want to know, if they want to appreciate you, they leaves a comment and close your page or browse another posts. It is not that they didn’t react to Ads at all, but not that much compare to entertainment blog that Ads and banner catches reader’s attention.

Here is the list of reliable Ads networks to partnership with

4. Sell Direct Ad Space

Selling Ads spaces directly is a wise method of monetization, but may require a load of traffics, it pays so high to sell a direct Ad space as you have just cut-off one factor that shares your revenue which is third-parties or call it a middle man like, Adsense and many Ads services companies.

It happens where company will approach you for a specific Ad space on your blog or sometime, it happens that you walk to them face to face or through a direct contact to advertise on your blog, vice versa.

In that case, advertisers may need to have insight to your blog stats as you may need to disclose necessary information like traffics stats, traffics geo-location, types of audience, and many other information required by advertisers, likewise you the publisher have the rights to charge or negotiate how much you are to take.

Note: Ads sizes varies per payment and don’t forget to decline a deal of a straight Ads space selling which is in no way related to your blog.

5. Selling Online Courses/Ebooks/Podcasts

This funnel is one of the most popular techniques used to earn decent income online. This monetization funnel may or may not cost anything like money except if you need a professional works on your Ebooks like covers, and on podcasts like custom graphic display.

What only I think this may require from you is a well standard writing skills, and a good commentary from people. Other from that, there is nothing more, all you need to do is just grabbing your pen, keyboard, or recording device and start putting down what you know.

And if your books help and deliver what exactly people are expecting from it, then, congratulation, as they will not find it difficult to buy more.

6. Sponsored Post And paid Review

Another method is writing sponsored posts and sponsored reviews. As we have popularly known for our job, “writing is blogging” product owners find it helpful by approaching us to write for their products and services in terms of review or posts.

You may be paid a decent amount for writing a detailed review for a particular product, depend on the types of products and the partnership companies. And please be careful when you are writing sponsored posts or sponsored review by enabling a proper review.

This simply mean, you should only write what you see, do not exaggerate, do not add those functionalities which are not included in the products which is why professional has advise us to have a taste of a particular product before recommending it as you must be capable enough to point out both pros and cons while using it.

7. Offering Helping Hands For Newbie.

This simple funnel of monetization is a proudly one which will not only put food on your table but also it helps you build popular and recommendable brands.

After some months of my blogging journey, even with little experience, I have been able to help many beginners solve many problems which is eventually fetching me some bucks every months. You too can also do that.

All you need to do is to ensure you fix their problems as required, it is advisable to not collect the reward until you get the job done. By doing that, you have indirectly proved your expertise and loyalty.

Let’s round it up

So, if you have got banned from Adsense or you are ordinarily looking forward to explore other monetization methods, then, the above list is a perfect choice for you. Let it be in your mind that, what works for me might not work for you, which is why you need to try different method listed above to see which one works best for you.

Let’s rub minds

Have you been using any of these techniques? Or what other method of monetization have you been using on your blog? If you have answer to this questions, please scroll down and leave your taught and don’t forget to help share this all over social media.

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