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Improve Your Site SEO: Status Of Website You Need To Check Regularly

Keeping eyes on your website status is not only a smart way of optimizing it, but also a superior way of acquiring new development.

No marvel, why some bloggers move progressively every day in terms of search engine ranking, rapid sales, humid readers engagement, floods of traffics and quality brands while some are frozen like a damn deer or even relapsed.

The metaphor is very clear even to the wise blinds, how would you compare a website that exploits at least one significant step to improve its readability everyday to a website that does not even care about its self.

I can now clearly see why many branded blogs and websites preferred to spend their last card on monitoring their websites, because they never wanted to be flopped, they never want to take security risk, they never want to earn less compare to previous months.

It is very useful to regularly check some important status of your website as it helps you explore new ideas, new tools, new developments, and new ranking strategy. Checking some status of your website will also speechlessly show you how well you have gone and point to what next you should implement.

Most importantly it gives you a deep insight and awareness of how good or bad your website performance is, and it will also sprint you to fix problems where needed.

In this blog post, I aim to list out most important status of a website which all website owners should be checking regularly, and I will provide reliable places to check every each of the status.

Please note that these lists are from my experience, and I will like you to include any other status which website owners should be checking after reading this post. (If you know any.)

Table of contents

➢ Free online tools to scan website security vulnerability and malware

➢ website speed test tools for optimizing web performance

➢ Free online mobile friendly test tool

➢ Trusted Places to check domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) of a website

➢ tools for checking broken link of your website

➢ best free online backlink checker tools.

➢ awesome tools to check complete SEO status of your website

Let’s start right here.

1. Website Vulnerability And Malware

 Website malware is one of the best statuses of a website you need to be checking regularly, blogs and websites are the major target of many spammers and hackers and many other malicious squads.

And, from my experience, hackers are much likely to infect a website slowly rather than just hack or deface it at once, because the longer you are unaware of your website being hacked, the longer they can infect your website to send spam mails and partake many other malicious acts.

While now, I have piled up list of software or internet malware solution service to help you detect hidden malicious malware of your website.

Free Tools For Checking Hidden Malicious Malware Of A Web Page

 2.  Website Loading Speed

How serious did you take your website loading speed?

May be slightly, tightly or maybe slightly tight, anyhow you handle it, but the bitter truth you need to admit is, loading speed of a website can determine how much of bounce rate it will encounter.

Imagine yourself visiting a particular website for urgent information, and you were unable to squeeze out that information as quick as possible due to the website sluggish loading speed, I guess the next thing you will definitely do is jumping off that particular web page and move to another.

Moreover, a slow loading website would not only turn off potential visitors but also it can negatively affect user experience.

Website Speed Test Tools For Optimizing Web Performance

3. Website Mobile Friendly Status

As you may have known that half of website traffics solely come from mobile users, despite the consequences, mobile user has been over thrown all other methods of internet accessibilities for the past couple of years while global mobile and tablet browsing is accounting for 51.3% over the desktop’s 45.7% according to web analytics firm startcounter.

Optimizing a website for mobile friendly use is also a luminous approach of driving loads of traffic more than others in your niche.

Free Online Mobile Friendly Test Tools

4.  Domain Authority And Page Authority

Domain authority is very important for all blogs and websites, likewise, page authority. A website with higher domain authority has upper chances of rapid indexing, whenever it publishes a new post and pages compare to one with lower DA. DA also has been advantageous in the sense that it gives advertisers a detailed insights regarding how fair their ads would run on your domain name.

While PA also can never be uncared for as it helps in ranking specific pages in search results.

Check Domain Authority  And Page Authority  Of A Website

5. Website Broken Links

As it is very obvious that web pages are all built on hyperlinks, where every good links turns out to be a beneficial factors of a web page but when there have been too much of broken links (links that leads to nowhere) it can as well affect and negatively leave impacts on a web page.

It would have been fair enough, if broken links only affects your website conversation, give bad impression on your reader’s faces, harm your business reputations. But not only that, it will also hurt your site’s SEO and page ranking. And I guess that only ,is enough to be taken care of.

Tools For Checking Broken Link of A Website

6. Website Backlink Checker.

According to some good Google’s spokesmen, it was quoted that links are one of the best and in fact, one of the top 3 search ranking factors considered for ranking a web page by Google.

It serves as a social proof to search engines including Google that your web page is one of the types that brings values to readers but not just junks, simply because, they believed that, before another website can mention any of your posts link, it must have been clear that your website offers high quality contents which people can’t resist.

Search engine experts affirmed that 70% of web page abilities to get higher search ranking comes from the rate of authoritative sites that links to it.

As it has been happily reported that backlinks are very important for site’s SEO, so also it can affect your SEO if your site receive backlinks from one of the site that does not comply with search terms and guidelines, such as links from adult and gambling websites.

Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools.

8. Complete Website SEO Analysis

If we keep listing out all important status of a webpage which every website’s owners should be checking regularly, there are no doubts that we can never mention all of them. Meanwhile, we are so lucky as there are many amazing services website that allow webmasters to check many status of a website at once which even a website owners perhaps wouldn’t think of. Those statuses included: Common SEO issues, Speed Optimization, Server and Security, Mobile userbility and many more which i couldn't even remember to mention.

Awesome Tools To Check Complete SEO Status Of Your Website

Those are the status of website which I think all website owners should keep tabs on, however, these listed website status can make or break a website development if proper monitoring is involved.

It is strongly advisable to monitor these statuses regularly, so that we won’t suddenly get hit by the consequences but instead, it will help us take the helm of the occurring problem with appropriate fixing.

Now let rub mind!

What are other statuses of your website you often check that you will like to recommend for our fellow readers? Please note: nothing makes me excited more than seeing your helpful contribution.

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