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7 High Paying Affiliate Networks For Bloggers And Marketers

Affiliate marketing might be a tough-end silk for many beginners who are yet to discover their strengths on how it works.

Some months ago, I have also logged myself in with affiliate marketing to see how well they can favor me and my blog, believe me, Adsense and some many other advertisement networks are just like children to affiliate marketing when it comes to making real money online.

Though, it may take a long time to figure out how affiliates works, but once you understand it, I am very sure you will definitely regret of yourself not have started right from the beginning.

Moreover, spaced out the fact that many people are yet to understand affiliate marketing, nonetheless, many people couldn’t even find reliable and high paying affiliate marketing to promote. That’s weird right!

If you have been searching for the best high paying affiliate marketing program, well, I have the privilege to assure you that, you are reading the right post and the right blog.

While in this post, I will be exposing up to 7 affiliate marketing programs in which you can join to double your regular income.

Please read: before you join any affiliate programs, there are some important tools you need to have such as payment option method and ability to edit your site.

Concerning payment method, I strongly suggestion you to register for paypal account as almost 80% of affiliate programs prefer to pay via paypal, or you may also register for some other paypal alternatives like payoneer to see which one work best for you.

P.S: The very first criterion you need to check everytime you are joining any affiliate program should be the available payment method, if you didn’t meet up with the required payment system, I suggest looking for another program to promote. At least we are all promoting affiliate products only because of two things.

We are promoting affiliate product to increase the balances in our income rate and also to help our reader who might need the similar products to beat down higher expenses. These two reasons are dependent of eachother. So there is no point in joining affiliate which will unable to reward you.

Now let’s move to the check lists.

1. ShareAsale

shareAsale is one of the largest and yet one of the most widely used affiliate programs by many marketers and bloggers, they has a very huge number of merchants who are selling amazing products and also which bloggers can choose from to promote.

ShareAsale offers pay-per-sale, pay-per-click and pay-per-lead programs with competitive minimum payout of $50, they also host more than 3900 high paid affiliate program where you can just choose the best for yourself.

You can promote various products as much as you like including web hosting, email services, and many other products and services, they also have the best and most responding customer support as per my experience.

2. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate partners for various kinds of publishers which bloggers are especially included. Presently, commission junction has dominated the affiliate industry.

Sometimes, many affiliates programs does not provide a straight partnership registration on their website, even if you search for it on Google, nothing related to their affiliates is going to come up. Many of such companies actually also has their affiliates but they have hired professional like this commission junction company to manage it.

This is what makes it so fantastic, there are different kind of high paying affiliate product you can choose to promote from CJ.

CJ allow payment options via check with the payment threshold of $100 and direct deposit with the minimum payout of $50.

3. Clickbank

Click bank is also one of the biggest and reputable affiliates marketing services, there are over 10000 digital products from different vendors and up to 100000 active affiliate partners.

The sweetest part about clickbank is the fast and easy application approval, unlike other affiliate network like commission junction and shareasale, there is no need of negotiations between you and vendor, no vendor needs to approve your proposal. All you need to do is to register with clickbank and start marketing any interested products.

Clickbank is also one the affiliate programs that offeres high commission rate as some products promises 50% to 70% commission per sale.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is a well recognized e-commerce website for both bloggers and internet marketers, they have built trusts and reputation, in fact, amazon is a well known website to me even before I started blogging and got to know about Adsense.

There are millions of products available on amazon to advertise with 10% commission on every chosen product, especially if one has decent traffics, there are good bigger chances of making his way out of amazon.

Though, the commission might be urgly, but the benefit side is if customer follows your link and didn’t buy the product attached to the link but finally end up purchasing another product, you can still earn something.

Amazon is very super different when it comes to payment, unlike some other affiliates, amazon pays very constant at a fixed time and the payment threshold is very competitively low to be considered.

5. Rakuten Affiliates

Rakuten affiliate network once known as sharelink is a great affiliate network, I have always been listening to affirmative voices about Rakuten, which simply means, they are so reliable and trusted by many advertisers and publishers even by countless big bloggers.

Rakuten is one of the leading affiliate networks regarding effective customer support and a broad range of products, it has been claimed to be number 1 affiliate network among the top 20 networks by blue book

Their payment method and payout are also amazing and they never delayed payments.

6. Payoneer

Recently, Payoneer has been considered as the best paypal alternative for every internet users that has one or two tasks to do with online money transaction.

Payoneer offers affiliate partnership which is essentially good for bloggers, freelancers and internet marketers.

It offers $25 for every referral that lead to sign up, and they pay through your Payoneer account.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is one the high paying affiliate program you can join, it is very easy to get approval once your website has all the qualities required by grammarly, website that deal with writing and how-to get fast approval.

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker software, it is an high paying cost-per-action types of affiliates that pays $0.20 per free sign up and a flat $20 for every successful steps referral customer took for premium upgrading. It uses 90 days cookies and minimum payout of $50

Let's round it up!

found various kind of affiliates program to join is just one step in the affiliate marketing world , the most of important part is choosing the right product, any mistake in choosing the affiliate product for your blog will never leave you any sale unless it is coincidental and fortunate.

This is why you don't just take and register with any affiliates, you need to consider what your niche speaks about and that will openly navigate what product will be right for your audience.

Now let's rub minds

Lists above are best high paying affiliate networks you can join to generate more income. I would like to hear from you, among the listed affiliate networks, which one have you used? or not, aside from the list, which one have you been using? please share your thoughts.

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