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Check List: 4 Free And Healthy Backup Plugins For Your Wordpress Site Protection

Website data backup is a very imperative steps taken by only the affected-then-wise website users. This might sound somehow like wasting of time to you when you have not become one of the website disappeared victims.

It took me back to when my site was vanished just only because of the lack of files and database backup, in actual fact, my own scenario is slightly endurable. I had a good friend who "his" worse more than worst.

Please note that sharing this painful experiences is not to put the victims including myself to shame or to embarrass them, we are sharing this just to safe some soul who took backup issue as a slight responsibility.

One of a good friend Vinit Patil founder of also faced the same problem, though, he is also a beginner but he is one of the beginner you can follow as he write originally detailed contents mostly based on wordpress.

For the compensation of how helpful and productive his blog is, I eventually found my time visiting this site at least 10 times in a week. Believe me, if you try to visit this blog today, this is what you get "Error" or sometime "nothing to display"

This guy never broken Google terms, only the costly mistake he does was not taking a backup of the site, realistically, I feel for him, but his mistake taught a lot of people an expensive lesson including myself.

And I hope this guy is coming back very soon with more values, and when he does I will make sure everyone knows.

Aside from the fact that you didn’t even take backup right from the start, you, your developer or any of the staffs who have access to your website Cpanel might mistakenly mess up or delete some unrecoverable data. And this may be a very simple case only if you use backup for the site.

Now, much commendation goes to wordpress and plugin developers as there are many available free backup plugin to backup only your wordpress site.

Let’s start looking at the list. Shall we?

1. BackWPup


BackWPup is one of the most populated backup plugins which is widely active by over 400,000 installations, not only that, it is one the best recommended plugins solely by many trusted leaders.

This plugin plays by its name BackWPup Free, it is one of the plugins that costs no penny to get started with, it also gives access to use external backup services like Dropbox, Sugarsyc and Rackspace.

With BackWPup, you can easily backup your data to FTP, Hard drive, and even to your Email. This backup plugin will also provide you with amazing attributes to optimize and repair your database.

You can later decide to upgrade to BackWPup Premium version which will give you an extended features such as full support to backup to Google drive and Amazon glacier

2. Updraftplus


Updratplus is the best voted among backup plugins as it was rated nearly completed 5 stars and it was actively installed with over half of a million wordpress sites.

This pluging is a one-way plugin which you will never find any useless feature on, it is very user friendly with cool interface. It allows user to completely take back of their wordpress site and simply download it on their computer hard drive.

Beyond these listed above feature of UpdraftPlus, it also supported by many online file storage solution including Dropbox, Google drive, Sugarsync, and rackspace.

The best about this plugin is how fast it works, if you have a large site with large files and database, then you can beat the heavy load on the backup process by segmenting the site into numerous achieves for a rapid backup process.

Updraftplus also have its amazing premium option for more flexibility and securitized backup.

3. Duplicator 


As the name reflected, duplicator is one the fastest wordpress backup plugin to backup your whole wordpress site, not only that, it also duplicate, clone, or transfer your entire site from one source to another.

Duplicator also has been installed by over 500,000 active wordpress sites. This plugin still remains one of the best when it comes to wordpress sites backup solution which is why they have been rated with 4.9 stars over the season.

Please, it always stated as an advice by many users who have been using duplicator and also by duplicator its self that a newly wordpress user might need some savvy supported hands in setting up the tools as the minimum setup requires more than average technical skill.

4. WP-DB-Backup


WP-DB-Backup is also a good backup option to stick with and one of the most populous wordpress backup solution plugins with 400,000+ installations, though, it is not well rated, maybe because it only backups wordpress site database but this plugin is performing amazingly, I have been using this plugin for my low cost client and it turn out to be worth using.

This plugin works best for user who do not have access to PhpAdmin to backup their database manually and also it works out cool for those who do not upload image files often on their site.

These are the 4 free wordpress backup tools I have knew so far which never get users disappointed. You may choose from the list if your pocket is not that huge, but if you are the type that like funding your website's security then it would be wise to go for some paid tools that worth it .

Now let's rub minds together!

Let us know what are other backup solution you are using for your wordpress sites.

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