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Step by Step Tutorial: How To Start A Blog On Blogspot [Blogger]

Blogspot is one of the most heavily populated CMS (Content Management System) platforms on the web, when I say CMS, I mean, a type of an internet company that allow individual or organizations to create blog or website. Some CMS offered paid blog and website creation while some offered it for free.

Among those CMS that offered free services is blogspot, also known as blogger, in actual fact, blogspot is the best when we are looking at the top free blogging platforms in the world. No disputation !

Now, we will be looking at how to create a blog with number 1 free blogging platform (Blogspot).

In this post, I will supply a detailed step by step on how to start a blog on blogger platform. Trust me, it is very easy as the same process when using your hand to put food inside your mouth.

Have you grab a cup of tea?

Step #1: Get Ready Your Desired Domain

The very first thing you will need to do is getting domain name you want to use available. I didn’t say you should go and buy a custom domain name if you are not financially capable. This is what I’m saying. As you may have known that a domain name is what makes all websites and blogs on the web functioning.

A domain name is like an address to your apartment, without address, nobody is going to locate your house, likewise is a domain name to a blog.

Like I said earlier that you should not inconvenience yourself if you are not capable enough to buy a custom domain or if you are not ready to spend anything on your blog, may be in the early stage like this.

Thanks to blogger (blogspot), they have designed their program in a way in which you may not spend a dime like money on your blog if you don’t want to, as a matter of fact, they will provide you a free domain name to use and also a free theme. Isn’t that amazing? I know you are happy to hear this.

And of course, that’s kindness from blogspot as I have also used this privilege back from the time when I was starting out.

Despite how they provided a free domain name, you still need to research on a domain name you wish to use.

Why? Because there have been many blogs live on the web, so one might not know which domain that have been taken by another person and as you know that 2 people can’t use 1 domain name.

Read: what are domain name and sub-domain.

The most important reason why you need to research on domain name you want to use is, perhaps in the future when your blog have been receiving good traffics and awareness through the web, you might want to consider buying a custom domain or moving to a self hosted plan.

This time, you will have no better option than to use a custom domain of the free domain you have been using on blogspot so far.

You don’t get it? Let me put it this way.

When you want to register with blogspot, you will be asked to provide any name you will like to give your blog as a domain name, for instance, when I initially started, I chose bloggerwallet as the domain name I will like to use.

So, blogger gave me a free domain name like this and I used it for few months, and later I decided to buy a custom domain for my blog to look more professional and for some other good reasons.

Read: why you need to buy a custom domain for your blogger blog.

So, when I want to buy a custom domain, I search for a good domain registrar to buy from and finally came up with 1and1 domain, I check if my domain available, my custom domain looks like this

Fortunately, it was available. This is a luck time, assuming somebody has bought this domain before I came to check, then I will need to go for another name which may not in any way related to my initial domain name or related to what my blog speaks about, and that might lead to traffic reduction.

What You Will Need To Do When Making Research On A Domain Name.

First of all, you need to know that, checking domain only on blogger platform would not be any good, as blogger might show that a domain name is available due to the point that no one on their platform has chosen that name, but what if other blogging platform user have bought the domain?

The best method to check availability of a domain name is through domain registrar, you can check from any reliable domain registrar like,,, and many other registrar, but I would recommend because I bought some domains from them including this bloggerwallet and sincerely, they never down for a second, they are good to go with.

Check if that name on your mind would be available as a domain name. click here.

After you have checked your domain availability and you are lucky to found it available, then let move to the next step.

Note: you may not buy the custom domain now, but you should choose a unique domain and yet that relevant to your blog niche in case in the future when you will need to upgrade to a custom domain.

And if you have bought a domain name, that’s very good. I have covered A clear tutorial on how to map 1an1 domain with blogger blog

Step #2: Visit Blogspot Platform To Get started.

Now that your domain is available, click here to get started.

Go ahead and click create your blog

After that, you will be asked to provide 1 valid Gmail account, login your Gmail account if you have any, if you don't, there will be an option to create a free Gmail account at the buttom of the page or create one here.

after that, you will be asked to provide a domain name for your blog.

Type in your domain name, and blogspot will also automatically check for your domain availability, if it is available, then go ahead and hit create blog!.

Now your blog is live on the World Wide Web, you may confirm that by grabbing your phone or open new tab on your computer browser and type wait a seconds while your blog is displaying.

Now when they call a blogger you can say YES!. Lol, though it's  not that so easy. But at least a journey of a thousand mile starts with a step. It’s amazing you took the first step.

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Now, you can launch your first blog post by clicking create new post.

And that’s it, you have successfully created a blog with blogspot, moreover, you might need to do some assignment concerning the look and design of your blog. Make use of the theme option to customize your template.

If you want a professional look for your blog, you can grab both free and paid custom theme from these amazing website: gooyaabi templates, sora template and themexpose.

So, let us know what your taught is in the comment, have you successfully created a blog with blogger? what are your experiences with this platform? 

And also, do not hesitate to ask me anything you are curious about as I will always be at the service to help any time, any day.

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