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2 Deceitful Mysteries Behind Working From Home Job

I know you always felt proud, glad and confident to spit out this statement "I am working from home". Well, it is an amazing statement to say though.

As a full time blogger and to those that are considering permanent working at home strategy, I agreed that it’s a brave and a very brilliant decision to make. But I don’t know if you have thought about it for once, I don’t know if you have ever thought about the risk involve.

In this post, I intend to give you a deep insight about what is going on behind working from home stratagem.

First of all, working from home is a flexible system of working coordination, in the sense that, if one doesn’t careful enough, one might end up losing everything and probably back to square one.

Let assume the pleasure and benefit of working at home carries 50%, likewise the negative side of it carries 50%.

I have discovered 2 supple factors that people who are working from home sees as privilege but which can promptly send them back out to the street. And also, we will discuss how fast we can get rid of these incriminatory advantages.

Let’s do it.

1. Excessive Time

It is an undisputed fact that, blogging is a kind of job that could responsible for putting food on your table all the day of your life, yet, it is also a kind of job that spare you a lot of time for many other things.

And the term “excessive time” perhaps is what makes it remarkably so different from all professions.

But the issue is, as the term excessive time is one of  the proud and exceptional factors of being working at home, so also that factor could be one lithe factor that implicates the victim success.

Too much of time is deceitful, it sluggishly slow down one’s success, I have experienced this at the earlier stage when I have chosen blogging as a full time job.

Moreover, I have interviewed many experience working at home types of people about how much an unlimited time opportunity affected their success journey?

Let me share a short story of how I got affected by the flexible privilege inside working at home scheme.

I was an analyst, a school project analyst to be precise, and as you may be surprised, on a real sense, I didn’t quit this job for blogging but basically for freelancing job.

I have the opportunity to write and sell to blog’s and websites owners, I have been doing this writing and selling work as a part time job along with my regular analyst job.

But, fortunately after few years, I was able to make more than my basic earning, even almost twice than my regular job, and this is when I realized, that if I can put more effort and total concentration about this job, it is surely going to turn out astonishing.

To save time, I took that decision and finally became a full time writer before I came to know about blogging which is now the main source of my earning.

The first month I quitted my regular job for my home base work, I had to confess that I truly saw some beautiful changes in the income increment.

Slowly, this is when a big problem comes in. many friends and family has aware of my working at home scheme, and before I know it, I have been facing a decrements of income.

Why?, Because, my revenue always drop by 2% or more every blessed month.

Please don’t blame me too much, I never experience this, I never seen anyone working at home and making that huge amount around me, I was so proud to be like that, but what I didn’t realize for many months was how cunning and deceitful this system of working at home is.

To be sincere, I fell into these implications, and I honestly regret it.

I don’t want to go too long about this story, what cause all of the loss was nothing but too much of time.

I buy anything, I attended every invited parties, I encourages every time visitations from friends, I legalizes unnecessary discussion with people, I committed myself watching 2 series of movies in 1 week, I traveled most times, most of all, I do sleep anytime.

Those are the problems I faced on the subject of excessive time.

I don’t want to start emphasizing them as it is going to take a lot of our time

How can you beat these inevitable challenges?

The truth is, I don’t want anyone else to get caught off guard like me, I would find it slightly painful seeing beginner people making these mistakes, I have made it, so you don't have to.

To overcome this problem, you are going to have a kick starting master plan. Do find a secure place even if you are going to rent an office, do not tolerate too much visit from friends, calculate the time for sleeping, keep tabs on statistic on how improved you have gone every day.

With that, I hope you can beat all the odd challenges.

2. Unlimited Freedoms

Working at home is one of the good jobs that support an extreme freedom in everything, you have all autonomy to take any step at any unfixed period of time, and nobody has the right to question your authority.

You may decide to travel long distance today and come back tomorrow just in the sake of acquiring traveling experience, there is no permanent time for resuming or closing from work, and best of all, authoritatively, nobody have the say on you and your business, after all you are the boss.

All these advantages of being a working at home class is truly worth to be proud of, but why don’t you consider its other side effect. Too much of freedom forfeit many self established business.

Unlimited freedoms can completely kill a grown business if the proper care is not taken, the moment you are playing according to only all your wishes, it always doesn't turn out to be prolific.

The only brother advice I can so submit is, you should consider yourself working under a particular company in expectation for income, doing this will not only help you overcome too much of freedom that ruins business impression that lives inside of you, but also it will make you work harder and become more productive, and more productivity in our line of work means more sales and more sales leads to more revenue.

So those are the two fragile advantages of working at home scheme that actually happens to be amazing advantages but which can deliberate one’s success on the long run.

Now let’s rub minds together.

What did you think about these two tricky advantages? Have you started working at home or you are thinking to do so? Let us know in the comment section what your taught looks like.

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