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Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Templates Without Redirecting To Theme Builder Site

Hey, what’s up guys.

I kept receiving this message from readers “How can I remove footer credit from blogger free template” well the good news is, it is very easy to do this kind of tricks and this tutorial is going to put you through.

It is so apparent, that beginner bloggers does not always want to spend even a penny on their blogs, I have also done same thing in the past.

And truly, there are many beautiful themes available out there, both free and premium. As we are so blessed in blogspot medium, blogger platform has the most free, customizable and responsive themes ever.

Now the problem is, you have seen that beautiful themes you want to use, though it is not free but there is a downloadable version of it. But financially you are not capable to buy the theme, that is when you just go for the download option even though you know there are some in-built features which might have been removed from the free template compared to paid ones.

The bitter truth is, we all wants to look professional, we all wants our blog to stand out of the crowd, and I guess that is why you want to remove the footer credit that comes with your template.

In this case, the moment you try and remove the footer credit, your site is down, it will always redirect to where you download the theme. The worse part I have experience is, even if you didn’t remove the footer credit, sometimes when you or visitor reload your site like 2 or 3 times, it will always redirect to theme builder site.

What the heck!, I know what this is all about, I know how irritating this is and that is why am presenting to you this 100% assurance tricks to remove footer credit with no redirection and the steps are very simple.

This is what you going to do.

1. go to your blogger dashboard –>> templates –>> edit templates.

2. In the template, look for <head> or </head> (tips: you can always find these tags at the beginning of your templates)

3. In between the 2 tags above, now look for this small code

<script src=""></script> Or <script src=""></script>

Just remove this code, after removing this code, you should scroll down to your footer section and now you can remove both link and the title as a footer credit. And that’s it. You are done.

Word of Advice.

I hope by now, you must have removed the footer credit successfully, but let me give some enlightenment.

I really understand your consideration, I know if you have enough to buy the theme, you will definitely buy it, nonetheless, it would have been a sign of appreciation if you leave alone the footer credit, it rarely done to see people going through your footer and click the link of the theme builders, though it happens but not that much.

But what I considered by writing this tutorial was that I have actually experienced the same situation, in my own case, I didn’t remove the footer credit, but when I reload my site just twice or more, I will forcefully land on their site while this shouldn’t be.

So, thank you for reading this tutorial, I appreciate your engagement, if you find this post helpful, please just do one thing for me, leave a comment below as I value what people say about my posts.

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