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3 Best And No-Cost Email Marketing Service Provider For Bloggers

Having newsletter is one of the smartest routine of driving targeted traffics to your blog depend on where you place it. However, having newsletter without good email marketing provider that manage your campaign and list could sometimes turn to be of no use.

There is nothing bad in using free email services, but, it is so repulsive seeing many beginner bloggers using some free email services out there which indirectly killing their traffics and their readers experience, even if one is not financially capable to opt-in for paid email service, then, it would have been better-wise to at least go for “free that worth it” yes FREE THAT WORTH IT!.

While now I have got to understand the fact that, many beginners doesn’t even know any other email marketing service other than google feedburner.

Well, over the time, I have known and figure out 3 best free email service provider, which will absolutely work for all small and medium internet business owners, inclusively bloggers.

P.S: please note that all these email marketing services that will be listed below do also have their upgrading plans for premium, so there may be limit in use when your subscriber list reach the fixed maximum threshold. and also, i had to say that all 3 email provider listed below had been used and tested by us here at bloggerwallet.

In this tutorial, I will shortlist best 3 email marketing service providers that will no doubt increase your subscriber experience and not limited to how boosted is going to affect your subscriber lists.

Mailerlite Email Service:

Mailerlite email marketing service is one the best out of thousands email service that render free usage for those that has less or equal to1,000 subscribers, the sweetest thing about mailerlite is their customization, they offered a very clean and well structured design.

Unlike other free services out there, mailerlite gives you all the control on how you want your subscribers to view your contents, for example, some email service just send all your article straight to your subscribers without enable you to add read from the blog or read more button. sound weird! well, mailerlite isn't like that.

Amazing features you will find in mailerlite email service:

Responsive mobile friendly design.

Drag and drop option including forward and social media buttons.

A/B test for preview before saving.

Tracking and campaign reports. [Interestingly, you can basically link to google analytic].

Exclusive auto responder.

Easy to use file manager for file upload.

Delivery speed is competitive.

Mailerlite still have many astonishing features which you can simply get by upgrading to their paid plans. But you can just try them if your subscriber lists are still below 1,000. As a matter of fact, in here at bloggerwallet we have been partnership with mailerlite over months, simply means we are curently using mailerlite to serve our campaign, and the truth remains, there is no fucked up ever since we have chosen them.

Now I guess you are impressed. Go check out MAILERLITE.

Mailchimp Email Service:

Mailchimp is one of a kind, when I say one of a kind, I mean they are so better than most of those free email service provider out there, imagine mailchimp providing a forever plan of 2 thousands subscribers!, how does that sound? Not only that, you can send up to 12,000 email per month if your subscriber are still underneath 2,000 in counts.

I happens to think of it sometimes, that their free plans even nearly better as their paid plan. But no, not like that, there are many other resources which can actually make your emailing experience better such as unavailability of auto responder, lack of tools that can help you filter spam emails and many other amazing features.

But if you are just starting out, mailchimp is one of the best free email marketing service you can go with, before I forgot, mailchimp has this exclusive customer support, they writes many article, tutorials, even ebooks to make their user experience pleasurable, they also produce video tutorials to make you as a user understand and quickly familiar with their interface.

You might want to check out MAILCHIMP.

Sendinblue Email Service:

Sendinblue is also one of those good services that offered free plan, sendinblue is quite amazing with many unique features which may want you to give them a try.

Sendinblue would have been the best ever if not for their limitation in elasticity, I mean sendinblue only allow users to use their service for just 60 days unlike mailerlite that provide forever option with maximum of 1,000 subscribers and also mailchimp that offered forever usage with the maximum of 2,000 subscribers.

Aside from the limitation of duration, all other features regarding sendinblue are almost better than every free email marketing on the web.

The most amazing feature about sendinblue was there automation in visualization, irrespective of using free or paid plan.

You might want to check out SENDINBLUE.

Those are the list of best free email service i have ever known. If there is any other free service which i didn't mention in this post, please do not hesitate to add it via comment box below, and if you are having any problem installing any of these services, please let me know by using the comment box.

So, thank you for reading this posts, please don't forget to leave a comment before you leave.

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