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10 Advantages Of Chosen Blogging As A Profession

Having a blog or being a blogger in this advanced technology century is one of the most brilliant way of sustaining your personal life and your business. It has been in the 90’s when blogging was only for people who shared personal information.

Today, having a blog or being a blogger would not only allow you to share run of the mill information but also enabled you to share information to targeted audience, blogging has become a big medium where there is over 160 millions of blog live on the web.

Now think about it, why are so many blogs exists on the internet?

People open a blog because there are countless advantages that one can see from blogging.

Below, I will be listing 10 most important advantages of blogging which will definitely motivate you to start a blog if you haven’t got one or not below article will also keep you motivated if you are already a blogger.

Internet Awareness and Popularity:

having a blog is a gigantic prospect of being famous, especially if your blog is a teaching blog that supply effective tutorials for its users, there are bigger chances of rapid popularity, not only that, people will surely respect you for being productive.

Imagine your old friend who was never aware of your online job (blog) was searching a solution to a problem or he is making a research on a project, and fortunately, he found solution to his search via an article from your blog and later realized, it was really you that solve his problem when he try to check the author bio. What did you think about that and how would you feel. Proud? Or impressed?, I know you must feel either of the two.

Improve Your Writing Proficiency:

 If you are a blogger that write much yourself than hiring a writer, it speedily increase your writing skills, its also increases your thinking ability, because what works is “the broader you think, the more detailed and quality you write”.

In this case, having a blog can possibly increase your tactics of writing, so far it is mostly inevitable for a blogger to ignore writing.

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Elasticity of Time And Location:

 As a blog owner or a blogger, time limit is less to what can be bothering you as you have the freedom of when and where to work, regard time, you can decide to live your social life along with your job, there is nobody to tell you to choose one between your job and your family, nobody can dictate to you how many hours you need to work. And regard location, blogging is type of job that doesn’t plan for a certain location, you might be in a friend’s place and working at the same time, you may travel to another country for occasions or for many other reasons, that doesn’t stop your work unlike other jobs.

Your laptop is your office, and where there is a laptop, then work never stop.

You Have No Boss:

 Including myself, this ear friendly phrase “freedom” is the primary objective why most people started a blog, and am very sure so also do you. Joke apart, everybody wants this freedom, we all wants to wake up whenever we feel like, we all wants to have time for our social life, nobody have power to dictate for you, nobody can fire you, nobody control your financial styles. With all of these, blogging is so much beautiful.

Minimize Some Cost:

 compared to some other professions, once you have started a job, all other activities has stopped, which is why you don’t have time to take care of many other things, you lack of playing with your children as father to child, you have no options but to hire and pay for some services which you should responsible for such as picking up children from the school on the closing time, irrespective of some other reasons, being there for your children is one strong act of showing love and care and children would always have it in memories.

Or not you have a small garden planted some fruits, rearing a little cage of animals, which is a task you always get done is just 45 minutes to 1 hour in your day-to-day activity, there are no options for you than to spend extra cost on those activities. There are many costs that blogging as a career can save you aside from the listed above points.

Express Method of Spreading Information:

 there are times which some important news should get people notice, with having a blog you can basically share information to your users and also reaching out to other platforms.

This is what makes those advertisement companies mostly preferred to place an advert on a blog, because they have realized, that targeted information and targeted audience are always drive a lucrative sales, and blog always possess information very fast.

Blog As A New Career And Source of Income:

 depend on how serious and focused you take blogging, if one is determined and putting hard work, having a blog can replace and represent your profession for all the rest of your life, there have been many testimonies shared online concerning how successful bloggers have gone over the time. One good and clear example is this famous blog called, the owner have been so transparent and motive to share the blog income almost every month. As I always said here at bloggerwallet, that there are no limits to what you can achieve if really and indeed you take your blog as a target career.

No Level of Education Required:

 This factor is a very big advantages of blogging, consider going for an interview in a big well established company, I am very sure we all know that, the first requirement from the interviewer would undoubtedly be your certificate, in fact, in some countries, they didn’t appreciate what you know, your instinct and experience are valueless but unless you show them your educational certificate.

This kind of strategies makes no senses to me as I always fight it every where when I see people looking down on those who does not have an education. I don’t want to go too deep on this part of discussion, maybe sometimes, I can talk about it.

So, in blogging no certificate or level of education requirements, blogging only requires to good in writing regardless of what languages you use, but it sounds better to learn how to write and speak what people called primary language (English) for more functioning.

Become A Professional In Your Niche:

 This is why specifying on a particular niche comes to sound considerable, though choosing 2 or many niches are not bad if you can cope anyway. If you have been blogging for a long time, there are chances that people might wants to consult you as professional in the field you write about, because people call you a professional because you are an old testament in your field, they might be interested to interview you as they understood you are actually talking from experience. And the sweet truth is being a professional is being a rich man in blogging.

Promote Business and Products:

 it is a wise action to take if you are planning to have a blog for your business, blog for your business drive you more customer that leads to sales as people will actually find your product via your blog, and not only that, having a blog for your business give trust to people, because people would always wants to know if you are reliable, and all of that would surely be on your blog as a portfolio.

Those are the ten advantages that i personally pin-pointed. i know there are still many advantages attached to blogging, scroll down and leave a comment to motivate others.

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