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Why You Should buy Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog


Blogger also known as (blogspot) is one of the best and free blogging platforms out there, they offered free and unlimited bandwidth and storage space for hosting your blog. Even though, technically, it is not true, but they have provided a good alternative by which you can create many other accounts for storing your files and image separately.

As we all know blogspot is completely free, but you should not let the free chances deceive you, they have done enough by allowing you host your blog on their (google) server for free.

The point is, if you are a blogger that cares only about writing and sharing your knowledge with your reader without any objectives of making money from your blog, then it is never a necessary task to buy custom domain unless if you decide to do so for some professional insights.

But if you are the type that wants to make a good living from your blog, then using free sub-domain offered by blogspot as default would not be a good idea.

In this tutorial, I will share with you some importance of buying a custom domain for your blogspot blog.

So relax, and let’s get to work! But before we go deeper, let me give a brief enlightenment on what “custom domain“ is all about.

What is Custom Domain?

Custom domain also known as vanity URL is a distinctive branded name, which set apart a particular web page from others on the web. For example, is a custom domain owned by us in here at bloggerwalet. The difference between custom domain and free sub-domain you are using is [.com.]. in short, custom domain are domain name that comes in versions like .com, .org, .net, .info, .gov, .co, .blog and many more.

Note: some sub-domains are not free such as if you buy a hosting plan from hosting company, you might be offered 1 or 2 sub-domain along with your domain package as bonus. It was only the sub-domains attached to your free website that are free such as or

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Why You Should Buy Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog

There are many undeniable reasons that held up of buying a custom domain for your blog and they are listed as follows.

#1.Trust and Professionalism.

The first impression from user to a website lies on the website features and appearances. Buying a custom domain for your blog gives your blog a professional look which I think almost all readers like to see in a website. If reader visit a website for the first time, they tried as much as possible to look at originality and reliability of that particular website, while they will respect you for bearing the charges of paying for your website domain name every year. they knew such steps is an act of being a professional in your niche and also give them the assurance that you really know what you are doing. You will also gain trust from those readers as trust is the sole fundamental of building a brand in blogging.

#2. Monetization Restriction.

Buying a custom domain will not only give your blog a professional look but also free your blog from some monetization access restriction, in blogging we all always strive to monetize our website, but there are many monetization programs out there which doesn’t support using free blogspot sub-domain. For example, as a beginner, I know you all always dreamed of monetizing your blog with the best advertisement program which is (google adsense). But the bitter truth is google adsense does not approve a blog with sub-domain like .

This simply means, making money from your blog via adsense can highly be a difficult task without a custom domain.

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#3. Act of Seriousness.

The truth is, buying a custom domain brought you more fortitude and strength of mind as a blogger, because once you invest something like money into your business, you will always want to work very hard so that you can earn something in return. I’m very sure you won’t ever want to loose your money for nothing as you will be working very hard towards the next renewal of your domain name. and moreover, people will also see you as a blogger who committed to his beautiful job.

Now that you’ve understand the magnitude of using a custom domain for your blogger blog, then I recommend going with 1and1 domain as they are very reliable and we are also using them in here at bloggerwallet.

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Thank you for reading this tutorial, the above listed points are some benefit which you will definitely get as you redirect your blogger blog default domain to a paid custom domain. Please do let us know what other advantages can one get in buying custom domain and if you have just bought a custom domain, feel free to share your experience.

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