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How To Set Number of Post Shown on Homepage On Blogger

You’ve set number of post to be shown on your blog home page in blogger layout to your preferred number, but yet, it is not accurate, it doesn’t display the number of post you really want, for instance, you set it to display 8 posts on main page but when you try to check it, you discovered that the posts aren’t up to 8.

Is this what you are facing? No problem, I understand it and I can help solve this.

It can be truly frustrating, if you didn’t know how to fix some problem facing you as a blogger, yes, it happens to everybody even not limited to those big big bloggers out there, you can’t be right every time and remember every mistakes gives you fresh and additional knowledge.

So, for you being unable to fix some problems on time is never a bad luck, you just need to keep making research until you get it done, and I believe, for you to come across this post, you’ve taken enough steps in making research, and I promised you are going to fix that problem and it is right here, right now.

Just follow below steps and it is going to be easy as ABC. In this post I will provide two methods of doing this, where one will be for those who doesn’t know how to set it at all in blogger layout and the other will address those that have set it but not accurate or not displaying up to the specification.

First Method:For raw beginners who doesn't know how to go about at all

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard and click layout then click EDIT right below the main blog post widget. See below screenshot.

Step 2: after editing blog post widget, you are going to see something like below screenshot, then in front of number of post on home page, type in the number of post you want to display on your homepage and hit save. Refresh your blog and am very sure it is going to show the number post you set.

Second Method: For those who have set it in layout but doesn't show up to the figure they set

This method is for those who have used the first method, but yet, the post doesn’t show as preferred.

Step 1: login to your blogger dashboard and click post but not layout this time, after you have clicked post then start editing all your post one by one and put read more after every first paragraph of each posts. See screenshot below

I’m very sure, by doing according to the above steps, every thing should be displayed the way you want it. if you still didn't get it, watch this video.

And if you didn’t get any step along the way, don’t forget hit me a message in the comment box below and if you’ve done it successful, make sure you leave a word in the comment.

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