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Differences Between A Blog And A Website

Many people found it so difficult to distinguish between both blog and website, and I indubitably believe that you are also reading this post either because you are curious to know the differences between the both terms or maybe you want to know more about what makes them so different.

It is the truth that these words are very common in use on the web especially inside blogging community, you’ve been browsing the internet for so many years or even you’ve been blogging for several years, but you still can’t clear a doubt about the differences between blog and website.

however, one can actually get confused as the both words are used almost similarly in expression, for example when people call a web page a website and you try and visit the website, you are going to notice that there aren’t so much differences compare to some blogs you have initially visited as a matter of similarity, except for only the theme customization. And on a normal basis, all websites are not using the same theme, so in this case, you cannot identify a blog or a website via their designs.

So, either you have already known and want to know more or you can’t even say a single word about the differences, any which way, I promised not to disappoint you as I will be supplying you detailed information about what differences are between the both terms.

What is a blog?

A blog is basically an internet worksheet for sharing both personal and public informational data. A blog is a type of  webpage where all your recent post and article will be at the top, while older posts and articles followed.

You still can’t get it? Wait! Let me split it completely for you

A blog is generated from the word ‘web blog’, a blog displayed in reverse chronological order where all the latest published contents would firstly appear automatically to visitors followed by older posts.

There is always a comment box at the end of each article which easily allow users to send feedback to the author or to the blog’s owner. Moreover, a blog uses tags and categories to classify its contents.

A blog can be easily created using some free CMS platform out there such as,, and many more.

What is a website?

A website typically created from the scratch, unlike a blog that can easily build by many free platform, a website most of the time created by using coding and a collection of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and much more, in which you will need to choose a platform of your choice such as [Window or Linux] and also you will still need to determine your database options such as [Mysql or SQL server].

Compared to a blog, a website has a very high flexibility concerning the structure and the design of a web page as you can design and make sure your website looks exactly the way you want with the help of coding. Though some blog platforms also render custom customization, nonetheless, there is still a limit in their customization flexibility.

Now let’s take look at what makes them so different (comparison)

     Singular characteristics you can find in a blog

  • Displayed in reverse chronological order (i.e recent posts first then older posts follows)

  • A comment box at the end of every article which encourages readers to share and leave their taughts.

  • Blog posts always presented and achieved by the use of tags, category, date, time, and author bio.

  • Blog uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

Examples of a blog are:,,, and many others.

    Singular characteristics you can see on a website

  • A website doesn’t typically display by date and durations.

  • A website can have a separate page for blog inside such as a whole blog can be live inside a website informs of a page.

  • A website often uses a design portfolio of work.

  • Many websites contain a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Question), which allow user to quickly understand how they work and also allow users to squeeze out both recent and older trends.

  • Many but not all website sells products and services. Website always contains a service page that covers information about their products.

    Examples of a website are:,, and many others.

    Those are the unique differences which lies between a website and a blog, if there is any differences that have been skipped out in this post , please do not wait to add it in the comment.

    Thank you for reading this tutorial, please don't leave without leaving a word in the comment box, and do not forget to share this post on social sites.

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