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14 Common And Frequently Used Terms In Blogging

In all professions, there are always some terminologies or let me call it some commonly used words. These words are very special and unique in which if you have never been into the field before there are bigger chances that you wouldn’t understand how they works and what they mean.

For instance, in a fashion designer's shop, there are terms and tools like fabric shears, adhesive, l-square, yard stick, and much more which all fashion designer apprentices should learn and familiar with even memorize some of it if necessary.

Yes, bloggers also has their lingoes, which both beginner and professional bloggers must know if they really want to succeed in the field. Mastering all these terms will not only pave your way but also fast track your learning, because almost all what you are going to come across online pertaining with blogging will always include those terms we’ll be looking at in this posts.

In this tutorial, I will be listing 14 most important terms which you will never want to ignore in blogging.

I hope we are good to get to work!


Search Engine is simply the internet software programmed to search and generate all available results for a particular question. Such as when you have a research work, assignment or you are curious to know something in details, you are surely going to use search engine. Examples of search engines are,, bing, Yandex, and more.

2 SEO:

Seo is an abbreviation to Search Engine Optimization, which means, Seo has the same meaning with Search Engine Optimization in case you come across with both of the words, don’t get confused. SEO is the method of improving your blog, website, business and brand visibility in search engines like google, bing and many others. Seo could be done in many ways, like if you submitted your new blog or website to google, you’ve taken one seo step as submitting your website to all existing search engine is one of the most brilliant way to improve it in search engine .


Niche in other words can also be called specialization, it describes what position suit you most, for instance, in blogging, there are many field you can specialize on, you can choose different topic to write. Like in here at, we write so often about blogging courses and tutorials. You can decide to choose different niche for your site such as technology, recipes, sports, health etc. there are many other niches you can consider but I’d advice you should choose a niche which you really have knowledge about.


Traffics in blogging is the number of people visiting your website, regardless how many they are. Traffics can be high such as if your blog is getting 500 000 visitors monthly and it can be as low as if you are getting something less down 100 visitors per day. Traffics can also be called exposure. If you’re curious about how many visitors you’re having on your blog you can use and attach google analytic to your blog.


Ads networks are advertisement programs which organized by different advertisers. Ads network is a group of company that are programmed to place advert on your blogs, websites, bill board and many other available platforms whereby you will get paid whenever your visitors partake or perform required action by the ads networks, some ads networks may offer CPC(cost per click) in which you will get paid whenever someone click that ad such as google adsense, while some may offer CPM(cost pet thousand) and CPA(cost per action) and many more. There are many different forms of placing ads on your blog, advert can come in form of banners, text, link e.t.c. Example of ads networks are google adsense,, infolinks, vigilinks, bidvertiser, chitika, revenue hit, and many others.


Mailing list is a strategy of receiving your blog readers or visitors email address, and we all know that email list is no 1 secret of getting traffics, because you will be able to reach out to targeted readers through your email lists because only readers who find your posts useful and those who like to learn from you will subscribe to your lists and as soon as you publish a fresh contents, they will automatically receive awareness which will definitely push them to land on your website. Example of an email list providers are feed burner powered by google, get responds, aweber, mailchimps and many others.


Permalink or link is simply all what you can type in browser and fetch you a web page or a website. Examples of permalink are,, and if you have a website, your website address can also be referred as permalink.


Guest post is a free article or blogpost that willingly submitted by the original writer to another website or blog, in blogging, we mostly give out our contents for free because of many values, it can be because of backlinks from the receiver’s website which drive the original writer tons of traffics or for many other reasons.


Sitemap is xml or html file which you can use to list all your posts and page url on one page on your blog for easy access for both search engine and your readers. Sitemap always placed at footer of a website.


Widget are ready-made html or javascript code that easily allow a blog or website editor to place anything on his webpage, for example, those facebook and twitter like page on your blog sidebar are called widgets, tags and categories on your blog footer are also a good example of widget.


Domain name are what you type in the browser address bar that brought or displayed a particular web page, examples of domain name are:, and


Sub-domain is a name or number added to your domain name, it could be from the back or from the front, sub-domain can also be otherwise called child domain. They look like this: or, plus before and blogspot after are what we called sub-domain


Copyright is a law enforced by a particular country government, which gives you freedom and full access to all your original works and its distribution.


IP address has te same meaning with internet protocol, and internet protocol is a unique id or a digit number assigned to all different electronics devices such as computer system and smart phones to communicate with one another on the network. Ip address are used to identify one computer system from another as all devices has different ip address. Ip address looks like this: 78.125.0209.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I really appreciate you for sticking with bloggerwallet, you can add all other common words used in blogging that could be strange to beginners in the comment box below and if you didn’t have anything to add you can just let me know you branch by leaving a word in the comment, because I always love to see your amazing comments.

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