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What Are Domain Name And Sub-Domain

The usage of the terms “domain name” and “sub-domain” have been pervasively used and very common in online and internet world from a very long time, they are more commonly used in the blogosphere (blogging field), that is the reason why it is very important for every single body in blogging line, or internet users, web programmers, and computer geeks to deeply research and fully understand what actually the term “domain name” and “sub-domain” means.

However, many internet users, or even let me say many new bloggers cannot supply detailed and a straight forward answer, when it comes to defining what is domain and sub-domain really means. Thus, it is inevitable for especially a blogger not to ignore a bit of those terms.

Whereas, there are many other terminologies, lingoes, and uncommon words that is always used in blogging in which all so called bloggers should learn how to familiar with, such as : hosting, internet protocol(IP), plug ins, permalinks, ads networks, seo, affiliates, and many more which I can’t even remember to mention.

In this tutorial, I will be writing mainly on “domain name” and “sub-domain” as I will list below sub-topics attached to this topic to make our lesson more understandable and easier.


#1. what is domain name

#2. what is sub-domain

#3. usefulness of domain name and sub-domain

#4. how to get domain name

What is a domain name: domain name is basically what you type in the browser that brought or display a particular webpage or website, EX: bloggerwallet.com, shoutmeloud.com, wordpress.org and many more. every domain name or domain always consists of a different IP address, it was actually that IP address that translate to a website, there is something called domain name system (DNS), DNS is used to translate domain name into IP address then to a web page or website.

Domain name can be chosen by your choice, like bloggerwallet.com was chosen by myself based on my choice, you can also decide to choose a domain name for yourself, you can even use your name like lindaikeji.com and neilpatel.com, so far it is still available as one domain name belong to one particular website.

You can’t use again a domain name someone else has bought or owned, for example my domain name is bloggerwallet.com which no one else can use but only me, unless if it is expire and I didn’t renew it, but I don’t think anyone would be that fool to lose his/her website.

Domain name can come in different extensions as there are many domain extensions available, such as {.com, .org, .net, .gov, .edu, .co, .uk, .tech, .io}.

What is sub-domain: sub-domain is a name added to your domain name, it could be from the back or from the front, sub-domain can also be otherwise called a child domain, EX: plus.google.com, bloggerwallet.blogspot.com, pendcloud.wordpress.com, help.mydomain.com, blog.sososo.com, and many more.

Usefulness of domain name

Domain name is very important and very useful in the sense that no blog, webpage or website can be launched or functioned without domain name, no matter what platform or method you use to design your website, be it you create your website from the scratch using html and all other programming languages or you chose a specific platform like wordpress, blogger, weebly, wix, tumblr and many other platform, you can’t escape buying a domain name. it is simply a strong part of the means that holds a website.

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How to get a domain name

There are many domain registrar out there that are very reliable in both giving adequate instruction and 24/7 customer support. The list of domain registrar I have use and confirm their functionalities are listed as follows.


1and1.com (recommended)




Thank you guys for reading this tutorial, and don’t forget to leave a comment either by adding to what I have said or by asking any other complicated terms you have always come across that you are yet to know how they use , what they stand for.

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