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Common Blogging Success Barriers

In our recent generation, blogging has become so much popular and totally widespread, it has become one of the fastest and most lucrative systems of making a good living.

Most of all, blogging has been so genuine and very important in the sense that, it has become a standard career in almost all the existing continents throughout the entire universe.

It is very obvious that, behind every success, there is always an extremely contribution of hard works, determinations, devotion, a lot of patience and more.

Every jobs or all whatever it is we classify as a profession always seems to be hard in the beginning. But I sincerely want you to know that, as a blogger, there are some inevitable barriers, thwarts, obstacles and challenges you are going to definitely encounter on your blogging journey which might wants you to throw away all your sleepless efforts at once without even looking back.

Ask all successful bloggers out there of how they manage their business effectively up to where it is now, they will tell you how hard and how easier it is. But I need to tell you nothing good is going to come so easy, and always remember you can’t start getting rich over night as all those successful blogger had donated tough efforts, time and their mind before they started seeing a slight positive income.

In this article, we will be looking deeply into some common blogging success barriers.

Firstly, let me put more light on the definition of what we are about to discuss.

What is blogging success barrier?

Blogging success barrier can be simply defined as challenges that obstruct blogging progress. It could also be vividly define as all those little and bigger problem that always makes you feel like you want to quit this job (blogging).

It makes you feel like you are not going to make it right from your blog, it makes you feel you are wasting your precious time, those are what we call blogging success barriers.

Below, I will be listing some common blogging success barriers that always makes bloggers fed up, in fact, you must have been going through a lot of them, especially as a beginner. Though this topic might be a little bit bored, but trust me, it is one kind of an interesting topic you are going to enjoy.

Let’s dive in!

PASSION: Are you among those that blog because of only the impression and attraction of money but not from hobby (passion)? If yes, then you are getting it wrong.

The number one factor that can easily turn down all your ideas and efforts in blogging is passion, or not, even in all professions apart from blogging, passion will always take the lead, if you are a blogger and you lack of a so called passion, then I’m going to assure you that you’ve got nowhere to go, you won’t even move an inch progressively.

Once you lack passion, there is no way you can cope with all the rests factors. You will keep frustrating every day by day and neither soon nor late, when all those getting-rich-quick strategy are not coming, then, you are going to lose track and ended failed. But if it is what you actually have passion for right from the start, even if you didn’t see a dime, you will still be happy, because it is what you like.

LESSON: let’s consider passion first as a blogger, whatever it is you don’t have passion for, just wave it and let it go, no matter how little or ridiculous something positive could be, so far you have passion in it, go ahead and take a step.

UNCERTAINTY: uncertainty is another rational key point that hides behind blogging success barrier.

what do we mean by uncertainty? Uncertainty is basically what we can call doubt. Uncertainty is when you are debating and arguing with your mind or yourself, you might have been thinking if this blog or website you are about launch would be profitable, you didn’t even know if you can start throwing your values into it, even the percentage of your negativity is expensively high more than your positives, and once that’s all what your mind can think of, then you are moving closer to shut down.

 I don’t know if you’d knew that all those successful bloggers like Neil Patel of, Hash Agrawal of, John Morrow of, and many others did hold on to their goals!, yes they always listening to their minds and they never slipped and lost their determination.

Even if you have the no 1 factor which is passion, and you are living with doubt and uncertainty inside of you, nothing is going to work out. As a matter of fact, uncertainty is one of the worse things ever, because if somebody is originally negative about a particular thing, he can quickly jump over that thing and move to the next step, since he had already had a negative taught about it, likewise a person that originally has a positive taught he will stay on it and ignore all other tasks at that period of time, but if somebody have uncertainties, he wouldn’t even know which one to do, while he can end up losing everything.

LESSON: let’s clear the doubts, and keep focused , remember, your destiny always follow and accepts all what your mind wishes.

CRITICISM: This factor is also a strong one which might keep your blogging success barriers unbroken forever, it is very apparent that every successful body will definitely be criticized, whether you like it or not, so far you are making it, you are going to be criticized. But I need to tell you that I deeply understand what it is like to be criticized, you may be getting negative voices from people, there might be a lot of emotional turbulence, nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move on, it doesn’t mean you should stop and stagnant.

If you didn’t quit, they’ll come back one day and appreciate your effort, they might even promote you in many ways you didn't expect, the irony of it is, when you stop, they will be the first person to tell you that you shouldn’t have stopped, so don’t think about it and continue to produce trust and qualities to your readers.

LESSON: Remember quitters never win and winners never quit, they will be added to your interesting stories at the end.

INFERIORITY: Inferiority, in other words, can also be called lowliness, inferiority is a process, whereby you totally lack what they called self-esteem, you always looked down on yourself, and the moment you don’t even appreciate your effort, no one else is going to appreciate it, inferiority is also among the important factors that can sluggish your track in breaking your barriers in blogging.

LESSON: Do not limit yourself as there is no limit to the achievements and success you can gain right from blogging.


From experience, these are the list of some problems which can actually slow you down in breaking blogging success barriers, and whether we like it or not we will always encounter one problem or the other, no matter how slight or little it could be, it is now depend on us how strong we are going to tackle all these barriers and I hope we shall make the best out of our effort very soon.

Let us know in the comment what other blogging success barrier might be facing bloggers as I totally agreed that I didn’t mention all of them, and if you’ve been facing one of these, let’s share taught with people.

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  1. admitted! all the above points are all important, especially that criticism, it is inevitable. thank you for sharing this with us.i find it very useful as i will keep visiting for more updates

    1. Yes, criticism is indeed inevitable. Thank you for your every time visitation

  2. Well said! These barriers can slow down, if not break the success and rewards one expects from blogging. Success not always means in terms of money, but it is the ultimate happiness to motivate you for doing your best.

    Putting Passion at the top in this list, you showed that all bloggers are human and the largest thing they have in common is passion (Talking about successful and aspiring bloggers :D). Without passion, blogging and everything else can't have a guaranteed future.

    I loved how simply but effectively you have written these points along with lesson. Being a blogger myself, I really appreciate your efforts for putting all this up in one article.

    I will definitely come back to this site for more articles. Regards.

    1. Hi, Abhishek Pathak.

      Thanks for stopping by, I have learn another lesson from your beautiful quote "These barriers can slow down, if not break the success and rewards one expects from blogging". I'd love to see you again.