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Complete Guide: Introduction To Blogger dashboard For Beginners

Every blogging platforms has different structures with unique cPanel (control panel), conversely, when it comes to user experience and setting flexibility, each platform control panel system are much more complex than the other, especially for beginners who are yet to familiarize with the interface.

However, as the post title has given the best idea on what this post would be all about, yet, I will like to be more detailed and crystal clear for better understanding.

This tutorial aims to penetrate and unveil both popular and hidden settings and features of one the most populous CMS which is popularly known as Blogger (blogspot).

Blogspot is truly one of the biggest and most used blogging platforms in the recent blogging world, while they have made it easier and friendlier for users to exploit their dashboard (cPanel).

Nevertheless, there are some settings which are still complex and perhaps giving a hell of a tough time to beginners. If I may bring any example, it would be that side of Settings, Posts, Author profile, Earning, Layout and Theme. I guess, that’s included almost all features on the dashboard.

The most important reason why I intend to write this tutorial is that, many beginners found it more than difficult to operate most of these feature, as a matter of fact, there are some features on blogger dashboard which always ignored by users, may be due to they don’t really know why the features is there, or they are scared of messing up their site.

And beyond doubt, it happens. Let me exercise myself as a closer example we’ve had, it took me more than 3 months to realize that I can moderate comments that comes into my blog, likewise it took months from me to figure out how to add multiple author profile. No, it’s not about being unwise or tedious, but about being a raw beginner.

And most of the times, I ignore many settings just not to distract or complicate my site SEO system. Which is not fair enough according to myself, I’m a strong believer of this words “anyone that makes a mistake and learn from it is not a failure but a failure is somebody that always afraid of making a mistake”

This simply means, the more mistakes you have made, the more experiences you have had. And in professionalism, experiences always rated at the top.

Therefore, this edition of tutorial will drive you around all features and settings on blogger (blogspot) dashboard and explain how they work.

Hope we have set for the go!

1. Account Switch

The very first setting on blogger dashboard is an account switch where your blog title and little descriptions appear. You can see below screenshot for an illustration.

Account Switch is one of the key tools on blogger dashboard which more often than not get ignored by many beginners as they do not know how to use it.

Now, How does account switch works on blogger?

Account switch majorly used for switching one account for the others, it mostly works when you have many site running on the same browser, account switch enable you to manage all your site on one browser and with 1-click.

For, instance, if you have 2 blogs or more, it must have looks like enough stress to keep opening tabs every time and starting entering your Gmail and password every time you want to work on other blogs

And, that is why Google has been more flexible by providing the account switch button which allows user to switch from one account to the other with just one click. There is a dropdown arrow button right in front of your blog title, just navigate it and all your existing blogger blogs will be listed.

2. Posts

After the account switch button, the next button is Posts section, this section plays an important roles in the dashboard as it consist of many features including drafting and publishing of new posts, editing and updating of existing posts.

How does posts works on blogger?

Prior to what have been stated above, posts section enabling us to make changes to old published posts and creating fresh posts. There are many features when creating or editing posts like changing of post’s url, attaching each posts to a particular label and to add search description to all posts which really helps in SERPs.

3. Stats

Stats is a feature that gives summary of how your blog has performed in terms of traffics, this feature is very helpful in the sense that, it sentiments those that are having trouble with their Google Analytic setup.

How does stats works on blogger?

Stats button is an analyzing tool that helps gain insight of how a blog has performed so far, stats analyzes traffics that comes into a site based on segments, it will show how many page view a site have gotten on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Even overall traffic stats since your blog have started.

Not only that, it also tracks down the traffic source, it assist us to discover the geo-location of which your site visitors are coming from. Also, it reveals numbers of traffics that a particular post or page have had so far.


This section is a wide section that plays a very vital role on the dashboard. As we all understand how important blogging comments are, comment section help us to integrate our comment system.

How does comments works on blogger?

Comments section allow you as an administrator to decide which comments are fitted to be published on your blog, and that is why we have comment moderation system under the main comment section.

On the comment section, there are 3 different dropdown sub-menus which each and every one of them works separately. One of them is the main comment section which enables to see all the published (live) comments that a blog has.

The second option is awaiting moderation button which is strongly advisable for all blogger users to check every time as there might have been comments which are yet to be moderated.

This happens to me when I started as there are bunches of comments awaiting my moderation for so long, whereas, I have been wondering over and over of why my posts aren’t getting any comment, while traffic stats shows that I’m having loads of visitors every day, I was even thinking maybe my writing proficiency is that very poor. But, when I later find out, it pains a lot not because of the huge numbers of comments but because of my failure to reply to those amazing readers of blogger wallet on time.

The third option on the list is spam, this option allows you to see all comments you have spammed and may be you want to moderate some.

5. Earning

This is a quick integration for monitoring your Google Adsense Earning, this feature only used by those who have gotten Adsense approval to operate their served Ads styles, and for those who are ready to apply and add Adsense on their blog, it is a quick tool for getting into Google Adsense.

6. Campaign

Campaign section is a Google Ads service system known by the name Adwords, it allows you to campaign and advertise your blog through Google search engine and most of the time, it works so cool.

7. Pages

This sections is very synonymous to previously mentioned “Post section” as posts section assists you to manage both new and already published post, likewise pages section does.

How does pages works on blogger?

Pages are types of posts that contain timeless information such as Contact, About and a privacy pages, pages section makes it possible for user to edit old post and add some extra features like changing the url and changing published time and date by reverting it to draft and republished.

8. Layout

Layout is one the most key settings on blogger dashboard, as it helps you positioning all widget to wherever you like, layout has been very useful in the sense that, it keeps your hands little cleaner regards coding and often template editing.

How does layout works on blogger?

Layout will not only help you to reposition your blog’s structure or cleaning your hands from too much of template editing, but it will provide you with hundreds of free blogger widgets.

Inside layout are some dropdown options like, featured post widgets, label, G+ badges, Newsletter form, contact form, text and image widgets and many more that are not mentioned.

9. Theme (Formerly known as Template)

Theme is among those strong sections on blogger dashboard, it defines the, style, structure, placement, interface, and how responsive your blog is going to perform. Like I have said earlier, that it took me months to figure out how to backup templates and upload new one.

How does theme works on blogger?

Theme section permits you to edit your entire blog, every change you made on theme section may affect your blog positively or negatively, depends how you do it.

Consequently, enough and proper care must be taken when playing around with the theme section on blogger. Most importantly, theme section will be the only feature that allow you to insert any code like Html, Css, and javascript on your blog, it also allow you to add extra features to your blog such as monetizing your blog by embedding Ads banners and Affiliate links on your blog.

10. Settings (The most fragile section)

Setting section contains almost all attributes related to your site’s functionalities. For genuine reference, Google itself has stated crystal clear that, laying hands on this section may require extra tech knowledge. Which is why they advice you as a webmaster to confidently understand whatever you will lay your hands onto.

How does settings works on blogger?

Under this segment, there are a lot of brittle settings such as search preference, Privacy, Http and Https, errors and Redirection, Google search console, custom robots and much more.

For the purpose of this post, we are not going to explain deeper about each section as we have only promised to list and explain how they works, but by the grace of almighty, we will be covering all of these sections in-detail maybe through the upcoming articles, and until then, if you have any questions regarding any of the sections on the dashboard, please do take your time to ask in the comment.

11. Reader List And help

The last 2 sections on the dashboard are reader list and help, while reader list are for following mates on blogger and help consists of helpful articles related to blogger.

Let’s round it up

Above are the complete list on blogger dashboard and their duties, as I have said earlier that our goal for this post is to just list out the sections and explain how they are useful, and maybe we could be detailed about these sections on the upcoming tutorials.

Let’s rub minds.

As it takes some times to adapt and familiarize with all blogger sections, what are challenges have you faced during that time when you are still a beginner? And if there is any other thing I have eventually skipped in this post, I will like to see your contribution in the comment box below.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

How To Manually Submit Your Wordpress Blog’s Sitemap To Google Search Console

Did you know you can dictate to Google how you want them to treat your blog or website? Did you know you can tell Google when and how often they should crawl and index your posts?

Yes, all of the above facts that sounds like myths are real and indeed possible. But we all know that, a step must be taken before cigarette catches fire.

Thus, that is what we are about to do now, which simply mean, we are going to take some steps before Google as giant as it is, will have no other choice than to listening to us and do according to our preference.

To politely impose Google to crawl and index your site requires just simple action which is a submission of your site’s sitemap to Google.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is simply an XML file that comprises all URLs (both posts and pages urls) of your blog.

That XML file is actually what we can call a sitemap as it helps crawlers to find all the existing and dead urls on your blog. Crawlers are like bots that Google sends out to fetch both old and new information from websites and blogs.

Which basically implies, if crawler does not crawl your site, there is no way your new articles and posts would be indexed, and when posts are not indexed, there is no way people is going to find your posts on search engines. Period!

For detailed talks about sitemap, you might later want to read an extensive article on Wikipedia.

Now, that you have understood how sitemaps works, then, we should move to how to get that XMLsitemap file and submit it to Google.

How To Generate Sitemap For Your Wordpress Blog

The cases are different with various blogging platforms. Normally, for blogging platform like blogger (blogspot), we uses online sitemap generators for creating sitemap for our blog, which I have covered in the previous post titled complete blogger SEO for beginners.

Read the post here: Complete blogger SEO guide for beginners

But, this post mainly focused on wordpress, therefore, we will only take a look at how to generate and submit a wordpress blog’s sitemap to Google.

It is a lot easier on wordpress more than other blogging platforms to generate and submit sitemap to Google as there are popular plugins like Yoast SEO which will not only allow us to submit the sitemap but also, it will help us automatically update the sitemap whenever we publishes a new post.

I’m going to assume you have already generated your sitemap with Yoast plugin or if you have not, you may need to read this comprehensive guide by Wpbeginner.

How To Submit The Generated Sitemap To Google Search Console

To submit a sitemap to Google, you first of all need to register to Google Search Console (formerly known as Googlewebmaster tool). Follow this link to create an account with Google search console if you haven’t have one before. There is no need to register another account if you have got one before. All you need to do is to just sign in with your gmail if you are not already signed in.

When you have signed in, you will automatically landed on Google search console dashboard which assigned for your website. Search console dashboard looks like below screenshot at the time when this post was written.

Now, on the left side in the dashboard, go ahead and navigate crawl > sitemap. See screenshot below.


After you have navigated the sitemap, you will land on the very page where you will be able to submit your sitemap.

Now, on the right side of the displayed page, go ahead and hit ADD/TEST SITEMAP button. 

Then, in the dropdown box, just go ahead and type this: sitemap.xml and hit submit button.

Let’s round it up

And that’s all of it, you have just successfully submitted your blog’s sitemap. Please note that, it may take few days before you will be able to see all the crawled urls and all index statuses especially for newly submitted blog’s sitemap.

Let’s rub mind

I will like to know whether you have submitted your blog’s sitemap to Google search console and how has been the effectiveness so far.

Friday, 19 May 2017

11 Free And Responsive Wordpress Themes In 2017


I hope I can put a big smile on your face today, obviously more than before as I’m bringing to you good news as well as presenting to you better offers. If not best!

It is never unheard when we say that, the look and structure of a website will undeniably determine how fair its user experience is going to be. However, nothing determines the structure of a website or blog better than the theme/template.

Hence, that is why I have put together these series of dazzling free themes which are going to cover for you regarding extra cost on buying theme.

Now, let start the experiment. 

1. Allegiant


Allegiant is a free, fast, responsive, flexible and yet a multipurpose theme suitable mostly for professionals and agencies, it is also integrated with many wordpress popular plugins including Contact form 7, SEO, Yoast and WPML.

It supported feature like built in team member functionalities which helps business introduces its member fluidly to the audience, and also Testimonial, Portfolio and Feature Blocks. Try allegiant now.

2. Dazzling

This amazing theme seriously reflected its name “dazzling”. It is actually a dazzling theme indeed concerning it features. Dazzling is a free wordpress theme that based on bootstrap 3. It allows optional full-screen featured slider.

Dazzling free wordpress theme supports almost all free and premium wordpress plugins, it can be used for blogs, personal, travel, portfolio, business and much more. Check out dazzling now.

3. Brilliance

Brilliance is a multipurpose free wordpress theme that fit in for various aspects including blogs, ecommerce sites, digital or affiliate marketing sites.

This theme is a well structured and competence one which can properly handle and present your contents to the targeted audience.

It is also compatible with the most of the populous plugins like woocommerce, wordpress SEO, francier author box, CPO content blocks and CPO content widgets. Try brilliance now.

4. Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a competent and responsive, robust and modern, readily and clean interface free wordpress theme, which I personally give 5 thumbs. This excellent theme is suitable for almost all internet phases like personal blog or website, web agencies, product showcase, business and ecommerce websites, portfolio and much more.

It support many exclusive feature including, flexibility to edit content section using live customizer, compatible with 100+ free wordpress plugins, user friendly mega menus, ultra fast loading speed, custom background, SEO friendly and much more. Go try zerif lite.

5. Enigma

Enigma is an extremely superfine free wordpress theme, which can serves various purpose, it is apparent that, there are a lot of cares and professional intervention when building this theme as it is coded aerodynamically and the layout is unblemished.

No matter what device is used to access a website that uses enigma theme, be it, laptop, deskstop computer, tablets or smart phones, it will always present your content with an eye-catching display.

It can be used for personal, business, blog, portfolio and much more. Try out enigma.

6. Awaken

Awaken is an impressive wordpress templates with 4 out 5 star rating, this template is a simple with easy navigation. If you are looking for an easy-to-use theme or if you are the type that does not like too much of design, then, awaken is a choice that worth it.

Awaken supported all social media including in-built youtube video widget, theme customizer, Ad widget and featured slider

7. News Mag Lite

NewsMag Lite is an astoundingly flexible, multitalented, and highly responsive free WordPress theme. NewsMag Lite can be called "what the doctor ordered" theme for webmasters that are looking for an undeviating solution to their online magazine requirements, regardless of niche or market.

With NewsMag Lite, you get immeasurable sliders and carousels to display case your best content or featured articles in an eye-catching and tantalizing structure. Infinite Google Fonts, custom logos, premium SEO settings are in-built right into the theme. And, most importantly, NewsMag Lite presents all this supremacy features for free! you can go and try Newsmag lite today.

8. Justwrite

The JustWrite theme has indirectly said what the theme mostly fitted for, this free theme option has the apparatus and settings to make a sparkling and trouble-free to use content creation atmosphere.

The theme is good preference for both blogs and magazines, and has clean modules for showing off your latest articles. Custom colors and headers are provided for you to play around with, and the custom widgets are useful for insertion into the footer and sidebar areas.

In addition, the responsive layout looks great on all small and big devices including desktop computer, laptop and palmtops.Would you mind Justwrite theme?

9. Esteem

Esteem is a straightforward and unproblematic to use template that is appropriate for blogging and showcasing a portfolio. You may set this theme into boxed or broad layout. It proffer users limitless theme color options to help them change the look of their website and set their brand apart from the rivalry.

Esteem includes 2 custom templates: the first one is custom-built to display your content or products, while the other one is fashioned as your contact page. Esteem supports custom logo and site title, to enhance the changes that you made in the color scheme of your theme. By taking advantage of its custom logo and title, you will be proficient to create a center of attention to your targeted audience. Download Esteem below

10. Resolution

Mull over the Resolution theme, if you’re the type that engrossed in a magazine-style layout. The most brilliant part of this theme is that you can apply an unlimited amount of sidebars in all the widgets you desire. The custom widgets develop the quantity of elasticity you have, and the custom menu is idyllic for showing people where to go on your site.

Featured images are drawn steadfastly from your blog posts, and unstable post formats adds some variety as people browse the site. Finally, the translation ready features enable foreigners, who don’t speak your language, to quickly understand what your content is talking about. Check out Resolution theme here

11. Responsive

Responsive theme tenders a spontaneous institution with a silky grid system that instinctively regulates the construction of your website to any mobile devices to give you an outstanding user experience.

This theme consist of 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts and 4 Menu Positions that you can use in systematizing the main configuration of your theme. It also supply effortless yet incredible theme options for full CMS control with easy logo upload, social media integration, incredible webmaster tools and many more.

Responsive is also supported by the popular Plugin “WooCommerce” to help launch your own online shop without much effort.

Further great features of this amazing theme include Multilingual Ready (WPML), RTL-Language Support, Retina-Ready, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated and currently translated into 45 languages. This theme is one of the most populous wordpress theme with higher number of downloading rate as its recorded that it has been downloaded by over 1 million wordpress site. Grab a copy now.

Let's round it up

Above are the list of best,free and responsive wordpress theme, brought to you by bloggerwallet, I had to confess that all these themes are worth to take a look at as i have also used some of them for my wordpress sites. feel free to use any of the theme. No copyrights and No rules violation.

Let's rub minds

Are you going to check out these themes and find yourself the best? or what are other free themes you are using? Let us know your view in the comment box.

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7 Stand-out And Well-paid Methods to Monetize Your Blog without Google Adsense

Google Adsense is undoubtedly one of the best Ad networks around the globe which almost 80% of bloggers plucked their monthly income. Yes, that fact can never be disputed, and yes, I guess you may be one of those bloggers.

But, why did you so rely on one Ad network? You never taught of exploring other monetization methods or you are thinking that Adsense is enough? Anyway, let me ask you this question, what if you got banned?

If you are hoping to work for Adsense forever, then you might be on the wrong side which could later give you a sudden frightening. Even if you plays according to all Adsense terms, that does not mean you cannot get banned, and this can be proven by many people with many experiences.

In this case, you need to consider this saying “A good days should be prepared because of an unexpected bad day” and that is why I have come with these well-paid different strategies of monetizing your blog without waiting for Google Adsense.

Let’s move to the list.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have been blogging for quite a while, you must have heard about affiliate marketing, perhaps, many times without numbers. There is no myth in what many professional bloggers used to say that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn your dream in blogging.

Let do the theory together, many pro bloggers including Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIcome, Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud and Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger insisted on saying the same thing. Don’t you think there is something attached to that rhythm!

Pat Flynn who is recurrently earning over $120,000 a month shares his secret of earning that huge amount of money, he talked about nothing other than affiliate marketing, likewise Harsh of Shoutmeloud also do share his hidden professional secret of beating down the target of earning nothing less down $30,000 dollar a month and same things goes with many other big bloggers including Jon Morrow who doesn’t recently disclose his income report, but what we all know for sure as a habitual fans of SmartBlogger is he has also crossed a earning target of $100,000 per month.

Though it might be tough to get balanced in affiliate marketing world, but once you detect the working charming strategies and a sales funnel for yourself, then you will realize how rewarding affiliate marketing works.

Most importantly, there is no fixed time, fixed duration, fixed experiences and fixed traffics to get started with affiliates, unlike many other monetization methods which require a huge amounts of traffics to get started.

So, start working on affiliate marketing right now, find a product which your readers can benefit from and start promoting it, the most important thing when promoting affiliate product is to promote the right ones. A good example of a right affiliate for the right blog is this blog ( promoting bluehost and many other blogging related products.

2. Build Your Own Product And Sell.

This method of monetization is a very good one in the sense that, you will not only be paid a commission but also all the main income will go to your pocket. Very fantastic!

This monetization strategy will privilege you to be your own boss as you didn’t serve ads for any company, you didn’t promote any products and be waiting for commissions. This method works so cool in the sense that, if you sell just only one product in a week, you may have covered up to 50% more than a damn commission you are going to get from affiliate product.

Your own product we are talking about may be anything in form of, softwares, plug-ins and physical appliance. This task may require a huge amount of investment to start with. Because, if selling of software and plug-in is your target, you will need to hire or employ software engineers and developers for building strong and targeted plug-in and software which your readers can’t resist to buy.

Building your own product for sale is one the easiest and most lucrative systems of getting yourself ready for Adsense negative side.

3. Try Other Ad Networks

Adsense is truly the best among all Ads served networks, but, it would have been an overstatement to say it is the only advertisement network around for bloggers.

There are many other advertisement networks including cost-per-click, cost-per-sales and pay-per-actions, which pays nearly as the same as Google Adsense

As a matter of facts, there are some blogs which adsense really don’t greatly work on, it is not that those blog does not have enough traffics to earn from Adsense but their niche don’t really appreciate Adsense, example of such niches are blogs that based mostly on tutorials. People tends to visit a tutorial blogs, reads what they want to know, if they want to appreciate you, they leaves a comment and close your page or browse another posts. It is not that they didn’t react to Ads at all, but not that much compare to entertainment blog that Ads and banner catches reader’s attention.

Here is the list of reliable Ads networks to partnership with

4. Sell Direct Ad Space

Selling Ads spaces directly is a wise method of monetization, but may require a load of traffics, it pays so high to sell a direct Ad space as you have just cut-off one factor that shares your revenue which is third-parties or call it a middle man like, Adsense and many Ads services companies.

It happens where company will approach you for a specific Ad space on your blog or sometime, it happens that you walk to them face to face or through a direct contact to advertise on your blog, vice versa.

In that case, advertisers may need to have insight to your blog stats as you may need to disclose necessary information like traffics stats, traffics geo-location, types of audience, and many other information required by advertisers, likewise you the publisher have the rights to charge or negotiate how much you are to take.

Note: Ads sizes varies per payment and don’t forget to decline a deal of a straight Ads space selling which is in no way related to your blog.

5. Selling Online Courses/Ebooks/Podcasts

This funnel is one of the most popular techniques used to earn decent income online. This monetization funnel may or may not cost anything like money except if you need a professional works on your Ebooks like covers, and on podcasts like custom graphic display.

What only I think this may require from you is a well standard writing skills, and a good commentary from people. Other from that, there is nothing more, all you need to do is just grabbing your pen, keyboard, or recording device and start putting down what you know.

And if your books help and deliver what exactly people are expecting from it, then, congratulation, as they will not find it difficult to buy more.

6. Sponsored Post And paid Review

Another method is writing sponsored posts and sponsored reviews. As we have popularly known for our job, “writing is blogging” product owners find it helpful by approaching us to write for their products and services in terms of review or posts.

You may be paid a decent amount for writing a detailed review for a particular product, depend on the types of products and the partnership companies. And please be careful when you are writing sponsored posts or sponsored review by enabling a proper review.

This simply mean, you should only write what you see, do not exaggerate, do not add those functionalities which are not included in the products which is why professional has advise us to have a taste of a particular product before recommending it as you must be capable enough to point out both pros and cons while using it.

7. Offering Helping Hands For Newbie.

This simple funnel of monetization is a proudly one which will not only put food on your table but also it helps you build popular and recommendable brands.

After some months of my blogging journey, even with little experience, I have been able to help many beginners solve many problems which is eventually fetching me some bucks every months. You too can also do that.

All you need to do is to ensure you fix their problems as required, it is advisable to not collect the reward until you get the job done. By doing that, you have indirectly proved your expertise and loyalty.

Let’s round it up

So, if you have got banned from Adsense or you are ordinarily looking forward to explore other monetization methods, then, the above list is a perfect choice for you. Let it be in your mind that, what works for me might not work for you, which is why you need to try different method listed above to see which one works best for you.

Let’s rub minds

Have you been using any of these techniques? Or what other method of monetization have you been using on your blog? If you have answer to this questions, please scroll down and leave your taught and don’t forget to help share this all over social media.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Get A Free Professional Custom Email: Understand Zoho Mail And How To Set It Up

Ever since Google App and Microsoft Outlook has stopped offering us (webmasters) a free custom domain services, many bloggers and business owners has found it more than difficult to use a custom email. May be due to unable to opting-in for premium Email service.

Today, I’m to going share with you a taste of a better life by walking you through how to get a free custom Email for your domain with Zoho Email service provider.

It is now a year plus, when I have been using a service called ZOHO for maintaining my Email. But, before we move too far about Zoho, I will like to give a brief explanation on what exactly is a custom Email and how it works.

What Is A Custom Email?

Custom Email is simply a type of an exceptional Email which allows you to link your domain name with your company name or any name of your choice. You might have seen these type of an Email around many big websites:,, or Those are custom Emails.

The closest and yet a good example of a custom Email can also be seen here at bloggerwallet such as

while or is nothing but just a normal Email.

Few Ways Custom Email Can Be Worthwhile.

i. Professionalism/Credibility:

Having a custom Email is an act of professionalism just exactly like having a custom domain name, it gives readers an undeniable reasons to stick with you as they will consider you and your brand as a reliable source that worth listening to. Custom Email simply shows that you are one of the legends in the field, who can’t just shutdown all of a sudden.

ii. Building Unforgettable Brands:

Using a custom Email is a radiant method of getting your brand into the reader’s head. It helps readers reach you as quick as possible because most of them would have gotten your mailing address off handed.

For example, Bloggerwallet is a medium range popular blog which many people visits on a daily basis, now, imagine how perfect it would be if I choose as my custom Email. We all know it is very easy to remember.

Now that you have understood what is custom Email and how it works. I think it is the high time you find one for yourself.

If you are like many others (Including myself) that prefers to go for free custom Email service, then I will strongly advise you to go for ZOHO Email as they are the best Email service that offer free Email along with amazing features which one wouldn’t expect from a free service.

Zoho Email is the best choice for Bloggers, Freelancers, Small and Medium business owners and for personal use. Though, Zoho free account does not provide as many features as Google App and Microsoft Outlook which are paid. But, like I have said earlier, it is more than enough for small size business.

Please Note: Zoho also has premium account which works better than many other paid Email services.

Zoho free account has been fair enough by offering Ad-Free Interface, 5GB storage/mail user , 5GB Docs shared storage, 10 users and 1 domain hosting. According to myself, this is enough for a free account.

Now, let’s dive straight into today’s topic

How To Host Email For Free On ZOHO

Please follow below instruction carefully.

Step 1: Sign up

First thing you need to do is to sign up with Zoho, they offers 4 different packages, while now, I will suggest you to go for free package for a start, then when your business starts expanding, you might need to consider other packages.

In the sign up form, you will be asked to provide:

    1. Your custom domain name, (If you have any). If you didn’t have a custom domain, there is option for buying a domain there.
    2. Name: First name and Last name

    3. Admistrative account. This simply refers to the name you want to attach to your domain. For example help or contact_____ @yourdomainname

    4. Mobile number. Please make sure you provide a valid mobile number as they will send in a verification code which you will surely need to proceed.

    5. Lastly, you will provide a password. Make sure it is strong one ever for security purpose

      Step 2: Verify Domain ownership

      The next step is to verify your domain ownership from your cPanel, this task will be done with your domain registrar control panel. But fortunately, Zoho have made it simple in which they have connected with many popular domain registrar including Godaddy, 1and1, Bluehost,, Cpanel DNS, Wordpress and many others.

      Then go ahead and choose your domain registrar from the list. If your domain registrar is not listed, then go ahead and choose others.

      After that, you will be provided 3 different methods of verifications which are CNAME, TXT and HTML.

      HTML File Upload verification is the simplest and most used method due to its simplicity over the rest two methods, but you may need to have a web hosting provider and you must possess the ability to upload files to the root directory of the domain.

      Nonetheless, no matter which method of verification you chose, Zoho has provided detailed guides on each method.

      When I was setting up mine, I actually chose CNAME as my blog hosted on Blogger (Blogspot Platform). I’d recommend you too should go for CNAME.

      Detailed Guides For Setting Up CNAME On DNS Providers - From Zoho Mail.

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on Godaddy here

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on 1and1 here

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on Bluehost here

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on Hostgator here

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on Wordpress here

      Read guide for setting up CNAME on Other DNS here.

      Bonus: You may contact me for special guidance in setting up CNAME only with 1and1 DNS.

      Step 3: Set MX Records.

      The last steps is to set MX Records, MX Record allows us to send and receive message, every other steps has been completed, but if you don’t set MX Record on your DNS provider, you may not be able to send or receive any message.

      To setup MX Record, Zoho has got you covered as there are comprehensible guides for each and every domain registrar as we have listed above.

      Read guide for setting up MX Record on all domain registrars here.

      Let’s round it up

      And finally, after you have successfully completed all those steps above, you will be able to access your mail dashboard.

      P.S: It may take up to 24 hours before you will be able to send or receive messages, before that time, you may send a message to another Email or ask another Email to send you a message. Then wait until you receive their message. And that is when your account has been fully activated.

      Now, you’ve taken one step towards professionalism as you will be able to send message to readers via a custom professional Email.

      Let rub minds.

      What are your views about Zoho mail, have you been using Zoho? or what other free Email service provider you are using apart from Zoho.

      All contributions are mostly welcome and don’t forget to help share this post on social media

      Tuesday, 16 May 2017

      5 Best Wordpress Hosting Services For Bloggers In 2017

      Among those fragile steps that needed to be taken carefully when you are about to start your blogging journey is choosing the right hosting providers.

      Web hosting is like types of a land you have bought to build houses on. While lands can determine how long your house would live. In this theory, your website stands as a house while the hosting plan you are about to choose stands as a land.

      No matter how structured and beautiful your house is, if you build it on a waterlogged land, there is no alteration for such a house but to get submerged.

      The same things goes with choosing a web hosting provider, a choice of a wrong web hosting provider will leave nothing behind but to affect your site with many unbalances, including, poor loading speed, highly complicated interface, deprived customer support and recurrent broken servers.

      While in this post, we will be looking at the list of best, cheap and reliable web hosting services for bloggers with detailed features comparisons.

      Spend wisely and save penny: Read before you proceed.

      As there are different form of hosting plan offered by hosting companies, such as Shared, Managed and VPS hosting. This is where you need to save some penny, for beginners with low or medium range of traffics, you don’t need to opt-in for an expensive hosting plan such as managed and VPS as they are mostly used by blogs with huge traffics, but instead, you should go for shared hosting.

      Now let’s move straight to today’s lesson.

      Bloggerwallet Checklist: Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Providers
      Features Bluehost Hostgator Siteground Inmotion A2hosting
      Disk Space/Bandwidth unlimited unlimited Metered unlimited unlimited
      Free domain
      1-click Installation
      Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 45 Days 30 Days 90 Days 30 Days
      24/7 Technical Support
      Free SSL Certificate
      Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

      1. Bluehost

      Bluehost is one of the top webhosting services for bloggers, it is always recommended by many professional bloggers as per their experiences, not only that, it was officially recommended for hosting wordpress blogs by a whole itself. That’s amazing!

      Blueshost is still one of the few hosting services that offer a very cheap and competitive price, there are 3 different hosting plans under bluehost shared hosting package, which will surely suit your budget, no matter how high or low your budget looks like.

      The three different plans are: Basic, Plus and Prime.

      Bluehost Basic plan allow you to host just only 1 site at a given time while plus plan give more windows to manage multiple (unlimited) site on the same server and Prime plan is mainly mends for business or service site.

      What makes bluehost more stands out was their offering of free SSL certificate which is now a strong factor for higher ranking in search engines and also the offering of latest PHP version (PHP 7.0) which helps websites load faster than normal regardless of site’s file size.

                              Bluehost Detailed Features

             ✔Unmitered Bandwidth                     ✔Unlimited Website Hosting

             ✔Rating 9.8                                         ✔Free 1 Year Domain name

             ✔Support PHP 7 Version                     ✔Free SSL Certificate

             ✔24/7 Customer Support                     ✔Free Site Migration

                                ✔1-Click Wordpress Installation 

      2. Hostgator

      Hostgator was founded among one of the most used hosting services so far, as they have hosted up to a million websites across the globe. They provides 1-click wordpress installation with steady 24/7 customer support.

      Hostgator offers a cheap webhosting plan, it also offers 3 eye-catching plans including Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plan. The hatchling plan is designed only to manage one site while baby plan can mange unlimited sites and business plan always programmed for business and services.

      It is just that, there are some little services which would be separately paid for, unlike other web hosting which have included those service with their plans. Those services including:

      (i). A domain name, hostgator will not provide free domain name with their plan, which mean you will need to buy a domain name maybe separately from them or from other reliable domain registrar like 1and1, Namecheap or Godaddy.

      (ii). Hostgator has many amazing services like Hackalert monitoring, Professional Email, Site backup and SSL certificate, but all of these are not free but you may want to pay for any of them that can help your website and ignore which doesn’t seems useful.

                                         Hostgator Detailed Features

                    ✔Easy-to-use Cpanel                   ✔24/7 Technical Support

                    ✔Free Site Migration                   ✔Unlimited Bandwidth

                  ✔45 Day Refund Policy              ✔1-Click Wordpress   Installation

      3. Siteground

      It’s being quite a couple of years when Siteground has been dragging the top position with bluehost as is starting to recommend them just like bluehost.

      This hosting provider might not be the cheapest in the field and their price might not be as competitive as you thought, but this hosting provider has been rated higher above all webhosting services for it’s speed and security level.

      Siteground shared hosting also renders 3 consecutive plans which included Startup, Growbig and Growgeek. According to these plans name, it has reflected their ability as Startup is mends only for 1 website while Growbig moves forward to host unlimited websites and Growgeek are designed for large business.

      Siteground is one of the services that offers a complete package of VPS, Reselling Hosting and Dedicated servers which makes it more easier for their client to upgrade to managed or VPS when their traffics increases.

                                       Siteground Detailed Features

                            ✔Unlimited Hosting                  ✔Free Site Transfer

                             ✔24/7 Customer Support          ✔Rating: 9.1

                             ✔Free Daily Backup                  ✔99.9% Uptime

                                               ✔30 Days Money Back

      4. Inmotion Hosting

      Inmotion hosting is also an excellent webhosting service that has according to statistics powered up to 300,000 websites worldwide with fast response from customer support service.

      Inmotion offers a very exceptional and a long term refund policy in which you can request for refunding your money if you feel their service doesn’t meet up with your need any more within 90 days of the purchase.

      It also offers a free domain name and despite the fact that they are non-EIG hosting company which provides unlimited hosting storage plus bandwith, yet Inmotion offers unlimited bandwith with SSD hosting.

                                              Inmotion Detailed features

              ✔Unlimited Disk Space                                ✔1 Year Free Domain

              ✔90 Days Money Back Policy                       ✔Free Data Backup

               ✔Zero Down-time Website transfer              ✔SSH Acces

      5. A2hosting

      From webmasters, bloggers and internet activist’s voices, A2hosting appears to line up with the best and fastest webhosting in the recent time, as their uptime claims to be 99.97% in the last 12 months.

      A2hosting is the best budget hosting for wordpress because of its peerless price. They offer 3 good plans based on the choices and financial capability of clients. Those 3 plans titled: Lite, Swift and Turbo.

      Lite plan can be the best hosting plan for a raw beginners who are dealing with just one website as it allows to host nothing more than 1 website while Swift plan can be used for both medium and closed-to-large websites as it allows to host unlimited websites and finally, Turbo plan are 20X faster than both Lite and Swift and it is the best for business or service oriented or a large branded websites.

                                    A2Hosting Detailed Features           

                   ✔Free SSD                                 ✔24/7 Customer Support

            ✔Second Best Uptime With 99.97%   ✔Free Hack Scan

                                  ✔Easy-to-use Control panel

      Let’s round it up

      Above listed webhosting providers are the best and yet recommended by many professionals, each of these services has one or two qualities better than one another.

      If somebody tells you that one hosting service is the best, I will strongly disagree as per the global review, no hosting service performs best through-out the whole year and all web hosting services has their weaknesses.

      So in this case, all these 5 webhosting services above are the best, most reliable and most used worldwide. Which is why am going to advise you to stay between these 5 ranges of hosting services when you are ready to buy a hosting plan.

      Because there have been many experience users behinds them, in the sense that, it won’t be too difficult to browse internet and find solution to some inevitable problem you might be facing when setting it up.

      Let’s rub minds

      Now let us know your view about these lists, have you used any of the lists above? If so, what are your experiences with them? And thank you as you contributes.