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9 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Effective Content Marketing [Updated]

Keyword research is an essential part of search engine optimization modus operandi (formula), which can never be detached from all major SEO tasks in digital marketing system.

What really is keyword research?

Keyword research is a nucleus SEO chore that involves in identifying popular words and phrases which people always find in the search engine as a result to know the most ranked ones.

Keyword research will not only reveal to you how high people are searching for particular words and phrases on the search engine, but also, it will help you draw up a data which let you figure out how progressive your contents have gone on the SERPs (search engine result page).

However, I will like not beat for long around the bush as the purpose of this post is to highlight lists of most viable free keyword research tools which help marketers and bloggers to squeeze out the best phrases to rank for.

Thus, we will discontinue explanations on what keyword research is and how to make use of it.

For more notes on keyword research, you may later need to see these detailed pieces of writing on wikipedia and Moz.

Now, here is the authoritative list of 9 best free keyword research tools which will rapidly let you explore new high demanded search keywords.

Let’s go see the list.

1. Wordstream

Wordstream is a well-known keyword research tool which have been tested and reviewed by many authority websites and blogs including SEJ (Search Engine Journal) and SEL (Search Engine Land)

This tool has proclaimed itself for free with little features limitless. Wordstream allows just 30 searches for its non-paid plan, where you just need to enter your desire keyword into the search bar and leave the remaining work to wordstream to supply the relevant keywords.

Most importantly, you can decide to download the entire generated keyword lists at once by exporting to your local computer or exporting it to your e-mail account in CSV format.

2. Ubersuggest.IO

Ubersuggest is the most used and populous free keyword research tool just after we skipped out Google keyword planner, this tool is an amazing which I personally have been used, and I’d confessed that it works at its best, even more than GKP. That’s from my perspective.

Ubersuggest is a long-tail keywords revealer which combines both Bing and other keyword suggestion tools as a result to display detailed lists of reasonable long-tail keyword.

It helps fetch keyword data on both SEO and PPC with huge overview from volume to cost per click data.

Most of all, Ubersuggest outsmarts all of those out there by not imposing first time registration to users.

3. Google Keyword Planner (GKP)

As we all understand that, Google is the biggest and most reliable internet service group in the current time, they have secure a reputable brands which entrust many people. As a result of this, almost all website believes that, any software or programs hosted by Google would be no doubt but to be the best. Well, I’m not saying GKP is the best, but all other free keyword researching tools are nothing but alternative to Google Keyword planner.

Google keyword planner is an startling free tool controlled by Google which makes us think that it will be the best when we are targeting keyword suggestions from Google, at least they owns them both.

This wonderful keyword research tool offers numerous viable features such as, it helps to multiply keyword lists with one another in other to form and generate a new phrase from the existing keyword, it is also allow user to easily export data either by downloading the entire keyword result list or by exporting it individually to your local PC as Excel type sheet.

Recommend: How to access Google Keyword Planner without creating Ad campaign or providing credit card.

4. Keyword Eye


Keyword eye is one of the best keyword researching tools, which specially visualizes the keyword suggestion. Given that this tool was initiated by Google UK, it always shows results based on UK location.

To target another geo-location, you will manually have to set it to that particular location as keyword has provided such beautiful integration.

This keyword research tool has both paid and free version of its services, but, being that this post is targeting to write just about the free version, we will not go an inch to elucidate about paid version.

The free version of this tool would enable but limited the exploitation to 100 keywords, I think this is more than enough for low business parties.

Another incredible feature from this tool is, how it tolerates to customize research queries just the way you want it, not only that, you can straightforwardly contrast a set of keyword as regards relevant metrics like competition and search volume. One of the most interested part is that, it allow user to add preferred keywords to separate listing of download.

Please Read: keyword eye is no more offering free services due to some reasons which is not disclosed, but they have made it so convenience for users in terms of cheap plan rate.

It is $5 dollar for 1 month and I think that's more than cheap for the expensive services this awesome tool offers.

5. Keyword Spy

According to keyword spy itself, keyword spy is the best tool by far for anyone, this simply mean, regardless of your class, business, or your niche, keyword eye has made available to make your phrase research more easier.

This gorgeous tool always acted as the name implies “keyword SPY” while it allow you to factually spy on keywords, and that’s not all of it, as it spies on keywords, so also it spies on many other interesting aspects such as Domain, Destination urls, and Ad copies.

It also helps in fabricating lists profitable keywords by searching your competitor’s keywords and it will also fetch you a substantial database of the actual related terms and phrases in the mean time.

6. KeywordTool.IO

KeywordTool.IO leads the first position when we are considering the best free long-tail keyword tool, as it helps users generate long-tail keywords and analyze competition for a definite keyword.

This amazing keyword research tool offers very competitive features despite its free services, among those features are: it offers over 750 long tail keyword suggestions for all search terms from Google, over 600 search terms from Bing, it assists user by revealing over 750 keywords which people are searching from YouTube.

Not only that, this tool works so luminously in the sense that, it discloses those entire premiums long tail keywords which even Google Keyword Planner hides from its result. It is also produces 99.9% accurate result with no errors, it is fast and free, it is very easy and cheap enough to upgrade whenever you feels like. Like I have said earlier, this tool has many amazing features which we can’t even mention all of it.

7. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is completely a free keyword research tool which offers premium to only those who wishes, this tool is said to be an incredible tool with large sizes of database with virtually 30 billion searches straddling more than 200 search engines , and as you may have known that the larger the database is, the larger and accurate the keyword suggestions is going to provide.

And that is why keyword discovery has whitewashed many keyword research tools, not only that, keyword discovery is one the best tools that values a very clear and easy user integration.

8. KW Finder

KW Finder is one the best tool that gives almost all what you are going to be looking for in such a good keyword research tools, even during the free trial. Not only have that, KWFinder been recommended by many experts as the best alternative to the recent world largest keyword research tool (SEMrush)

This awesome tool does not only analyze relevant keywords but it also supplies Google search engine result page results with vital SEO metrics such as DA, PA, PR and Links.

KW Finder can uncover as many keywords as possible by the power of its multiplication, this simply mean, after displaying normal result for a particular keywords, it can also multiply those keywords with one another and explore a very huge database of highly accurate keyword search results.

9. Keyword.IO

If you didn’t skip anything right from the start of reading this post, you must have noticed we have mentioned one initially, I think it was listed in number 4 on this list. Do not get confused, as they are completely 2 different tools. Even their names are little bit different as the first listed one is and this one is ordinary is a very radiant tool that shore up many search engines and many services including Google, Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, Youtube, Ebay and much more.

This tool allows you to target specific keywords along with specific countries. It also shows relevant URL for the specific keywords you entered. Suggestion results can also be easily downloaded to your e-mail.

Let's round it up

Amongst the listed above tools, there are some that are completely free even for lifetime, while some are trial which limited to some features at some points and at some particular periods of time. But all of them are free which you should check on.

Let’s rub minds

As I believed that, above lists are very few in the midst of countless number of existing keyword research tools, I also will like to learn from you, if you can mention any other free keyword tool which I didn’t talk about in the comment. And also, please share your experience if you have used any tool from the above list.

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Improve Your Site SEO: Status Of Website You Need To Check Regularly

Keeping eyes on your website status is not only a smart way of optimizing it, but also a superior way of acquiring new development.

No marvel, why some bloggers move progressively every day in terms of search engine ranking, rapid sales, humid readers engagement, floods of traffics and quality brands while some are frozen like a damn deer or even relapsed.

The metaphor is very clear even to the wise blinds, how would you compare a website that exploits at least one significant step to improve its readability everyday to a website that does not even care about its self.

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Ultimate Guide: How To Get Google Adsense Approval In One Sign up

It is no more a news when we keep saying that Google Adsense is the best CPC advertisement program for many publishers principally included bloggers.

Google Adsense have been populous enough to be known even by a fresh newbie in the blogging industry.

I asked one good friend of mine who happens to be just 5 days old blogger of how does he intend to monetize his blog in the nearest future?

The very first advertisement network he mentioned was Google Adsense, he said he has read a lot about them and through the comments from people, he could definitely see they are reliable.

However, if you are also a newbie which all of these I have been talking about sound strange to, then I will try and start with some points which will actually give you basis knowledge about Google Adsense, such as: What is exactly google Adsense and how does it work.

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Check List: 4 Free And Healthy  Backup Plugins For Your Wordpress Site Protection

Website data backup is a very imperative steps taken by only the affected-then-wise website users. This might sound somehow like wasting of time to you when you have not become one of the website disappeared victims.

It took me back to when my site was vanished just only because of the lack of files and database backup, in actual fact, my own scenario is slightly endurable. I had a good friend who "his" worse more than worst.

Please note that sharing this painful experiences is not to put the victims including myself to shame or to embarrass them, we are sharing this just to safe some soul who took backup issue as a slight responsibility.

One of a good friend Vinit Patil founder of also faced the same problem, though, he is also a beginner but he is one of the beginner you can follow as he write originally detailed contents mostly based on wordpress.

For the compensation of how helpful and productive his blog is, I eventually found my time visiting this site at least 10 times in a week. Believe me, if you try to visit this blog today, this is what you get "Error" or sometime "nothing to display"

This guy never broken Google terms, only the costly mistake he does was not taking a backup of the site, realistically, I feel for him, but his mistake taught a lot of people an expensive lesson including myself.

And I hope this guy is coming back very soon with more values, and when he does I will make sure everyone knows.

Aside from the fact that you didn’t even take backup right from the start, you, your developer or any of the staffs who have access to your website Cpanel might mistakenly mess up or delete some unrecoverable data. And this may be a very simple case only if you use backup for the site.

Now, much commendation goes to wordpress and plugin developers as there are many available free backup plugin to backup only your wordpress site.

Let’s start looking at the list. Shall we?

1. BackWPup


BackWPup is one of the most populated backup plugins which is widely active by over 400,000 installations, not only that, it is one the best recommended plugins solely by many trusted leaders.

This plugin plays by its name BackWPup Free, it is one of the plugins that costs no penny to get started with, it also gives access to use external backup services like Dropbox, Sugarsyc and Rackspace.

With BackWPup, you can easily backup your data to FTP, Hard drive, and even to your Email. This backup plugin will also provide you with amazing attributes to optimize and repair your database.

You can later decide to upgrade to BackWPup Premium version which will give you an extended features such as full support to backup to Google drive and Amazon glacier

2. Updraftplus


Updratplus is the best voted among backup plugins as it was rated nearly completed 5 stars and it was actively installed with over half of a million wordpress sites.

This pluging is a one-way plugin which you will never find any useless feature on, it is very user friendly with cool interface. It allows user to completely take back of their wordpress site and simply download it on their computer hard drive.

Beyond these listed above feature of UpdraftPlus, it also supported by many online file storage solution including Dropbox, Google drive, Sugarsync, and rackspace.

The best about this plugin is how fast it works, if you have a large site with large files and database, then you can beat the heavy load on the backup process by segmenting the site into numerous achieves for a rapid backup process.

Updraftplus also have its amazing premium option for more flexibility and securitized backup.

3. Duplicator 


As the name reflected, duplicator is one the fastest wordpress backup plugin to backup your whole wordpress site, not only that, it also duplicate, clone, or transfer your entire site from one source to another.

Duplicator also has been installed by over 500,000 active wordpress sites. This plugin still remains one of the best when it comes to wordpress sites backup solution which is why they have been rated with 4.9 stars over the season.

Please, it always stated as an advice by many users who have been using duplicator and also by duplicator its self that a newly wordpress user might need some savvy supported hands in setting up the tools as the minimum setup requires more than average technical skill.

4. WP-DB-Backup


WP-DB-Backup is also a good backup option to stick with and one of the most populous wordpress backup solution plugins with 400,000+ installations, though, it is not well rated, maybe because it only backups wordpress site database but this plugin is performing amazingly, I have been using this plugin for my low cost client and it turn out to be worth using.

This plugin works best for user who do not have access to PhpAdmin to backup their database manually and also it works out cool for those who do not upload image files often on their site.

These are the 4 free wordpress backup tools I have knew so far which never get users disappointed. You may choose from the list if your pocket is not that huge, but if you are the type that like funding your website's security then it would be wise to go for some paid tools that worth it .

Now let's rub minds together!

Let us know what are other backup solution you are using for your wordpress sites.

Google Keyword Planner – Access Without Creating Ad Campaign Or Providing Credit Card.

Google keyword planner is one of the best free keyword research tools worldwide, and as we all know that keyword research plays a very vital role when it comes to website’s SEO.

However, it is not like many blogger does not want to do keyword research before writing a post, afterall, we are all aware of the dazzling benefit in doing keyword research, but many bloggers found it slightly inconvenience to opt-in for paid keyword research services like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro and many others.

I guess you might want to ask this question “thought Google keyword planner is Free? ” yes, it is absolutely free, but the problem lies on how to set it up and how to start using it.

This happened to me many times when I initially started, I always heard that Google keyword planner is free, but I tried and sign up with this tool, they were asking me to submit the damn credit card and create Ad campaign.

It was so nervous, then I had to step it aside and move on with writing contents ordinarily and without keyword research. It was a faithful day when I was just stumbling the internet and came across one tutorial that explains it all.

Now, I am very sure that there are many people who are still struggling to get started with GKP, which unfortunately couldn’t find a helping hands.

Well, here is a benefit for bloggerwallet’s readers, while in this tutorial, I will walk you around how to setup this tool with clear simple steps.

Let’s get started.

Step-by-step: How To Setup Google Keyword Planner Without Creating Ad campaign or Providing A Credit Card.

P.S: You will need to use only a Gmail account which you have never used for GKP before. Ideally, you may create a new Gmail account.

Step 1:

Clich here to create Adword accounts, on the displayed page, click create new account and you will be asked to enter your Gmail account, make sure you provide a Gmail account which you’ve never used.

Step 2:

This is where many mistakes has been occurred to many people, after you have provide your Gmail account, please do not click continue. Instead, click skip the guide setup

Step 3:

On the next displayed page, you will be asked to submit some little information such as Email address, your country, Time zone, and currency. This has no critic, just fill it and hit save and continue.

Step 4:

You will be taken to the next page where you will start using your Google keyword research tool.

To start doing keyword research, navigate [Tools > Keyword planner] and then you can start searching for different keywords with different targeted results.

Please note that GKP has usage limits as because it is a free tool, but it is the best for a beginner who does not always integrate many keywords.

Let’s rub minds together

Well, that is the basic and the simplest step in accessing Google keyword planner, now I will like to hear from you, have you been facing the same problem or what other tricks can one use to setup GKP? Your contributions are always welcome.

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7 High Paying Affiliate Networks For Bloggers And Marketers

Affiliate marketing might be a tough-end silk for many beginners who are yet to discover their strengths on how it works.

Some months ago, I have also logged myself in with affiliate marketing to see how well they can favor me and my blog, believe me, Adsense and some many other advertisement networks are just like children to affiliate marketing when it comes to making real money online.

Though, it may take a long time to figure out how affiliates works, but once you understand it, I am very sure you will definitely regret of yourself not have started right from the beginning.

Moreover, spaced out the fact that many people are yet to understand affiliate marketing, nonetheless, many people couldn’t even find reliable and high paying affiliate marketing to promote. That’s weird right!

If you have been searching for the best high paying affiliate marketing program, well, I have the privilege to assure you that, you are reading the right post and the right blog.

While in this post, I will be exposing up to 7 affiliate marketing programs in which you can join to double your regular income.

Please read: before you join any affiliate programs, there are some important tools you need to have such as payment option method and ability to edit your site.

Concerning payment method, I strongly suggestion you to register for paypal account as almost 80% of affiliate programs prefer to pay via paypal, or you may also register for some other paypal alternatives like payoneer to see which one work best for you.

P.S: The very first criterion you need to check everytime you are joining any affiliate program should be the available payment method, if you didn’t meet up with the required payment system, I suggest looking for another program to promote. At least we are all promoting affiliate products only because of two things.

We are promoting affiliate product to increase the balances in our income rate and also to help our reader who might need the similar products to beat down higher expenses. These two reasons are dependent of eachother. So there is no point in joining affiliate which will unable to reward you.

Now let’s move to the check lists.

1. ShareAsale

shareAsale is one of the largest and yet one of the most widely used affiliate programs by many marketers and bloggers, they has a very huge number of merchants who are selling amazing products and also which bloggers can choose from to promote.

ShareAsale offers pay-per-sale, pay-per-click and pay-per-lead programs with competitive minimum payout of $50, they also host more than 3900 high paid affiliate program where you can just choose the best for yourself.

You can promote various products as much as you like including web hosting, email services, and many other products and services, they also have the best and most responding customer support as per my experience.

2. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate partners for various kinds of publishers which bloggers are especially included. Presently, commission junction has dominated the affiliate industry.

Sometimes, many affiliates programs does not provide a straight partnership registration on their website, even if you search for it on Google, nothing related to their affiliates is going to come up. Many of such companies actually also has their affiliates but they have hired professional like this commission junction company to manage it.

This is what makes it so fantastic, there are different kind of high paying affiliate product you can choose to promote from CJ.

CJ allow payment options via check with the payment threshold of $100 and direct deposit with the minimum payout of $50.

3. Clickbank

Click bank is also one of the biggest and reputable affiliates marketing services, there are over 10000 digital products from different vendors and up to 100000 active affiliate partners.

The sweetest part about clickbank is the fast and easy application approval, unlike other affiliate network like commission junction and shareasale, there is no need of negotiations between you and vendor, no vendor needs to approve your proposal. All you need to do is to register with clickbank and start marketing any interested products.

Clickbank is also one the affiliate programs that offeres high commission rate as some products promises 50% to 70% commission per sale.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is a well recognized e-commerce website for both bloggers and internet marketers, they have built trusts and reputation, in fact, amazon is a well known website to me even before I started blogging and got to know about Adsense.

There are millions of products available on amazon to advertise with 10% commission on every chosen product, especially if one has decent traffics, there are good bigger chances of making his way out of amazon.

Though, the commission might be urgly, but the benefit side is if customer follows your link and didn’t buy the product attached to the link but finally end up purchasing another product, you can still earn something.

Amazon is very super different when it comes to payment, unlike some other affiliates, amazon pays very constant at a fixed time and the payment threshold is very competitively low to be considered.

5. Rakuten Affiliates

Rakuten affiliate network once known as sharelink is a great affiliate network, I have always been listening to affirmative voices about Rakuten, which simply means, they are so reliable and trusted by many advertisers and publishers even by countless big bloggers.

Rakuten is one of the leading affiliate networks regarding effective customer support and a broad range of products, it has been claimed to be number 1 affiliate network among the top 20 networks by blue book

Their payment method and payout are also amazing and they never delayed payments.

6. Payoneer

Recently, Payoneer has been considered as the best paypal alternative for every internet users that has one or two tasks to do with online money transaction.

Payoneer offers affiliate partnership which is essentially good for bloggers, freelancers and internet marketers.

It offers $25 for every referral that lead to sign up, and they pay through your Payoneer account.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is one the high paying affiliate program you can join, it is very easy to get approval once your website has all the qualities required by grammarly, website that deal with writing and how-to get fast approval.

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker software, it is an high paying cost-per-action types of affiliates that pays $0.20 per free sign up and a flat $20 for every successful steps referral customer took for premium upgrading. It uses 90 days cookies and minimum payout of $50

Let's round it up!

found various kind of affiliates program to join is just one step in the affiliate marketing world , the most of important part is choosing the right product, any mistake in choosing the affiliate product for your blog will never leave you any sale unless it is coincidental and fortunate.

This is why you don't just take and register with any affiliates, you need to consider what your niche speaks about and that will openly navigate what product will be right for your audience.

Now let's rub minds

Lists above are best high paying affiliate networks you can join to generate more income. I would like to hear from you, among the listed affiliate networks, which one have you used? or not, aside from the list, which one have you been using? please share your thoughts.

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2 Deceitful Mysteries Behind Working From Home Job

I know you always felt proud, glad and confident to spit out this statement "I am working from home". Well, it is an amazing statement to say though.

As a full time blogger and to those that are considering permanent working at home strategy, I agreed that it’s a brave and a very brilliant decision to make. But I don’t know if you have thought about it for once, I don’t know if you have ever thought about the risk involve.

In this post, I intend to give you a deep insight about what is going on behind working from home stratagem.

First of all, working from home is a flexible system of working coordination, in the sense that, if one doesn’t careful enough, one might end up losing everything and probably back to square one.

Let assume the pleasure and benefit of working at home carries 50%, likewise the negative side of it carries 50%.

I have discovered 2 supple factors that people who are working from home sees as privilege but which can promptly send them back out to the street. And also, we will discuss how fast we can get rid of these incriminatory advantages.

Let’s do it.

1. Excessive Time

It is an undisputed fact that, blogging is a kind of job that could responsible for putting food on your table all the day of your life, yet, it is also a kind of job that spare you a lot of time for many other things.

And the term “excessive time” perhaps is what makes it remarkably so different from all professions.

But the issue is, as the term excessive time is one of  the proud and exceptional factors of being working at home, so also that factor could be one lithe factor that implicates the victim success.

Too much of time is deceitful, it sluggishly slow down one’s success, I have experienced this at the earlier stage when I have chosen blogging as a full time job.

Moreover, I have interviewed many experience working at home types of people about how much an unlimited time opportunity affected their success journey?

Let me share a short story of how I got affected by the flexible privilege inside working at home scheme.

I was an analyst, a school project analyst to be precise, and as you may be surprised, on a real sense, I didn’t quit this job for blogging but basically for freelancing job.

I have the opportunity to write and sell to blog’s and websites owners, I have been doing this writing and selling work as a part time job along with my regular analyst job.

But, fortunately after few years, I was able to make more than my basic earning, even almost twice than my regular job, and this is when I realized, that if I can put more effort and total concentration about this job, it is surely going to turn out astonishing.

To save time, I took that decision and finally became a full time writer before I came to know about blogging which is now the main source of my earning.

The first month I quitted my regular job for my home base work, I had to confess that I truly saw some beautiful changes in the income increment.

Slowly, this is when a big problem comes in. many friends and family has aware of my working at home scheme, and before I know it, I have been facing a decrements of income.

Why?, Because, my revenue always drop by 2% or more every blessed month.

Please don’t blame me too much, I never experience this, I never seen anyone working at home and making that huge amount around me, I was so proud to be like that, but what I didn’t realize for many months was how cunning and deceitful this system of working at home is.

To be sincere, I fell into these implications, and I honestly regret it.

I don’t want to go too long about this story, what cause all of the loss was nothing but too much of time.

I buy anything, I attended every invited parties, I encourages every time visitations from friends, I legalizes unnecessary discussion with people, I committed myself watching 2 series of movies in 1 week, I traveled most times, most of all, I do sleep anytime.

Those are the problems I faced on the subject of excessive time.

I don’t want to start emphasizing them as it is going to take a lot of our time

How can you beat these inevitable challenges?

The truth is, I don’t want anyone else to get caught off guard like me, I would find it slightly painful seeing beginner people making these mistakes, I have made it, so you don't have to.

To overcome this problem, you are going to have a kick starting master plan. Do find a secure place even if you are going to rent an office, do not tolerate too much visit from friends, calculate the time for sleeping, keep tabs on statistic on how improved you have gone every day.

With that, I hope you can beat all the odd challenges.

2. Unlimited Freedoms

Working at home is one of the good jobs that support an extreme freedom in everything, you have all autonomy to take any step at any unfixed period of time, and nobody has the right to question your authority.

You may decide to travel long distance today and come back tomorrow just in the sake of acquiring traveling experience, there is no permanent time for resuming or closing from work, and best of all, authoritatively, nobody have the say on you and your business, after all you are the boss.

All these advantages of being a working at home class is truly worth to be proud of, but why don’t you consider its other side effect. Too much of freedom forfeit many self established business.

Unlimited freedoms can completely kill a grown business if the proper care is not taken, the moment you are playing according to only all your wishes, it always doesn't turn out to be prolific.

The only brother advice I can so submit is, you should consider yourself working under a particular company in expectation for income, doing this will not only help you overcome too much of freedom that ruins business impression that lives inside of you, but also it will make you work harder and become more productive, and more productivity in our line of work means more sales and more sales leads to more revenue.

So those are the two fragile advantages of working at home scheme that actually happens to be amazing advantages but which can deliberate one’s success on the long run.

Now let’s rub minds together.

What did you think about these two tricky advantages? Have you started working at home or you are thinking to do so? Let us know in the comment section what your taught looks like.

And don’t forget to help share this all over social media

Step by Step Tutorial: How To Start A Blog On Blogspot [Blogger]

Blogspot is one of the most heavily populated CMS (Content Management System) platforms on the web, when I say CMS, I mean, a type of an internet company that allow individual or organizations to create blog or website. Some CMS offered paid blog and website creation while some offered it for free.

Among those CMS that offered free services is blogspot, also known as blogger, in actual fact, blogspot is the best when we are looking at the top free blogging platforms in the world. No disputation !

Now, we will be looking at how to create a blog with number 1 free blogging platform (Blogspot).

In this post, I will supply a detailed step by step on how to start a blog on blogger platform. Trust me, it is very easy as the same process when using your hand to put food inside your mouth.

Have you grab a cup of tea?

Step #1: Get Ready Your Desired Domain

The very first thing you will need to do is getting domain name you want to use available. I didn’t say you should go and buy a custom domain name if you are not financially capable. This is what I’m saying. As you may have known that a domain name is what makes all websites and blogs on the web functioning.

A domain name is like an address to your apartment, without address, nobody is going to locate your house, likewise is a domain name to a blog.

Like I said earlier that you should not inconvenience yourself if you are not capable enough to buy a custom domain or if you are not ready to spend anything on your blog, may be in the early stage like this.

Thanks to blogger (blogspot), they have designed their program in a way in which you may not spend a dime like money on your blog if you don’t want to, as a matter of fact, they will provide you a free domain name to use and also a free theme. Isn’t that amazing? I know you are happy to hear this.

And of course, that’s kindness from blogspot as I have also used this privilege back from the time when I was starting out.

Despite how they provided a free domain name, you still need to research on a domain name you wish to use.

Why? Because there have been many blogs live on the web, so one might not know which domain that have been taken by another person and as you know that 2 people can’t use 1 domain name.

Read: what are domain name and sub-domain.

The most important reason why you need to research on domain name you want to use is, perhaps in the future when your blog have been receiving good traffics and awareness through the web, you might want to consider buying a custom domain or moving to a self hosted plan.

This time, you will have no better option than to use a custom domain of the free domain you have been using on blogspot so far.

You don’t get it? Let me put it this way.

When you want to register with blogspot, you will be asked to provide any name you will like to give your blog as a domain name, for instance, when I initially started, I chose bloggerwallet as the domain name I will like to use.

So, blogger gave me a free domain name like this and I used it for few months, and later I decided to buy a custom domain for my blog to look more professional and for some other good reasons.

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So, when I want to buy a custom domain, I search for a good domain registrar to buy from and finally came up with 1and1 domain, I check if my domain available, my custom domain looks like this

Fortunately, it was available. This is a luck time, assuming somebody has bought this domain before I came to check, then I will need to go for another name which may not in any way related to my initial domain name or related to what my blog speaks about, and that might lead to traffic reduction.

What You Will Need To Do When Making Research On A Domain Name.

First of all, you need to know that, checking domain only on blogger platform would not be any good, as blogger might show that a domain name is available due to the point that no one on their platform has chosen that name, but what if other blogging platform user have bought the domain?

The best method to check availability of a domain name is through domain registrar, you can check from any reliable domain registrar like,,, and many other registrar, but I would recommend because I bought some domains from them including this bloggerwallet and sincerely, they never down for a second, they are good to go with.

Check if that name on your mind would be available as a domain name. click here.

After you have checked your domain availability and you are lucky to found it available, then let move to the next step.

Note: you may not buy the custom domain now, but you should choose a unique domain and yet that relevant to your blog niche in case in the future when you will need to upgrade to a custom domain.

And if you have bought a domain name, that’s very good. I have covered A clear tutorial on how to map 1an1 domain with blogger blog

Step #2: Visit Blogspot Platform To Get started.

Now that your domain is available, click here to get started.

Go ahead and click create your blog

After that, you will be asked to provide 1 valid Gmail account, login your Gmail account if you have any, if you don't, there will be an option to create a free Gmail account at the buttom of the page or create one here.

after that, you will be asked to provide a domain name for your blog.

Type in your domain name, and blogspot will also automatically check for your domain availability, if it is available, then go ahead and hit create blog!.

Now your blog is live on the World Wide Web, you may confirm that by grabbing your phone or open new tab on your computer browser and type wait a seconds while your blog is displaying.

Now when they call a blogger you can say YES!. Lol, though it's  not that so easy. But at least a journey of a thousand mile starts with a step. It’s amazing you took the first step.

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Now, you can launch your first blog post by clicking create new post.

And that’s it, you have successfully created a blog with blogspot, moreover, you might need to do some assignment concerning the look and design of your blog. Make use of the theme option to customize your template.

If you want a professional look for your blog, you can grab both free and paid custom theme from these amazing website: gooyaabi templates, sora template and themexpose.

So, let us know what your taught is in the comment, have you successfully created a blog with blogger? what are your experiences with this platform? 

And also, do not hesitate to ask me anything you are curious about as I will always be at the service to help any time, any day.

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