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6 Online Payment Alternatives To Paypal

6 Online Payment Alternatives To Paypal

To be honest but not biased, PayPal has helped many entrepreneurs, affiliates marketers, freelancers and bloggers like me and perhaps even you to save some expensive stress when it comes to online payment transactions.

From my one year and some months experience with PayPal, I had all the guts to confess that, they are truly the best in terms of sending and receiving online payments.

But the issue remains, not only some affiliates and freelancing companies are still not supporting PayPal when it comes to transaction partnership, but also PayPal is yet to make its service available in some many countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Check whether PayPal support your country here 

While this is the major reason why I made an In-depth research and finally came out with these 6 reliable online payment service providers as an alternative to Paypal.

So far, I have used and still using all the listed payment services below, except only for Payza, but I have also signed up with them almost 3 days ago to see what they are up to.

1. Skrill

As it is very obvious, there are many online payment service providers that can be trusted while we find it difficult even more than meeting up with an alien to trust some.

Issues like imbalances and insecure transaction, user negative voices, user negative experience and inconvenience delivery transactions are less to be worried of when it comes to skrill.

It is not a sweet-quoting, I have been using skrill for the past 7 months and 14 days, and ever since, I can’t really find a negative side of them.

Skrill works almost the same as PayPal, they does several amazing things to ensure their customer’s safety are not a public place for people like fraudster to barge in. such as a thorough account verification before releasing any funds.

Skrill is very easy to sign up with and it offers a wide diversity of payment option in various currencies including digital wallet to send and receive payment faster more than you may think.

The most substantial advantages about Skrill are, there is no fee associated with withdrawing funds, and also, they transfer your money to the desired account or destination in no time as soon as you have placed the order.

For those that have been searching for PayPal working type, I am happy to tell you that Skrill is one of the best to hand over your online transaction to, regarding safety and 24/7 customer support.

Note: somehow, their service may be a little bit expensive, as they have a low competitive price especially for small and medium businesses but they are very safe and reliable.

 2. Payoneer


Payoneer is one of the safest and yet secured online payment service provider that have been successfully handling money transfer in over 200 countries worldwide.

The most interesting part about Payoneer is the offering of free Payoneer Prepaid Master Card which can be used as a normal debit master card in all available local ATM galleries and you can use your free payoneer master card for any online transactions such as buying web hosting and domain, buying online courses and ebooks.

According to records, they have been partnered with many giant and notable companies including: Google, Airbnb, Amazon and Getty images.

Payoneer is the best payper alternative for: bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, and overseas collection accounts.

3. Stripe


Stripe is a payment system that designed to allow merchants in  accepting credit card payment via their websites. Stripe appears to be primarily target and tailor some particular business and niches to advertise and market its services.

Stripe works better for marketplaces, large eCommerce enterprises, web developer and those that has product or service to sell on their websites or blogs.

Many websites and blogs have been serves as a visual testimony for stripe well performances over the years.

Compared to paypal, stripe charge card from your website is absolutely free but paypal charges $30 per 2 months, stripe recurring billing is free but paypal $10 per month and stripe accepts apple pay freely but paypal don’t.

I would strongly recommend stripe especially to small businesses and beginner bloggers who are still transacting lower payments.

4. Payza

Payza can also be considered as one alternative of paypal as they have been doing very well for a couple of years concerning their services, customer support and security intensity.

Even though, payza is available in 190+ countries and supported by 21 currencies, yet, they were awarded 3 rating stars out of 5. This may be due to the incompetence the company has fallen into in the pasts few years.

According to research, payza is not a novice in the industry of online payment service providers as they have been operating since 2005 under the brand name Alertpay.

At the same time, we are still seeing many people that have been given kudos to them and their services. Below attached screenshot is from one of the people that have been experiencing happy side of payza.

Now around some months ago, there have been bunches of commendations and positive voices towards them. I have also sign up for payza 3 days ago to see how well they have been, but not using them for huge transaction for now. My advice would be like, you should keep away from this service pending the time I will have to figure out what they are up to and if they can be trusted.

And when I have seen how well they operate, then I will surely update this post by writing some detailed review about payza.

Keep tabs on this post or bookmark it as I will be updating this post as soon as new development hit the ground.

5. 2Checkout

2checkout (2CO) is a great payment tool that allows you to request and send out payments through many selected devices worldwide, they supported almost 15 languages and they are available in 196 countries and operating 8 standard payment systems.

2checkout has a nicely responsive mobile app that will conveniently make it easy to make a transaction on the go, the mobile app interface are well structured, customizable and easy to navigate.

The most brilliant side of this service, is that, there is no additional fees for security dealings of fraud anticipation, you can receive money from different method and other payment service providers including paypal or payoneer master card, visa, discover, American express, Dinner’s club, JCB, bank transfer, international wire transfer without any extra charges.

However, your clients and customers can pay through any of the recently payment service providers listed above, and yet no charges.

2checkout is also a good service to go with when we are considering best paypal alternatives.

6. Google Wallet

There is a sole priority of shopping and buying products online, it is called personal identification conceal. People tend and appear to mostly concern about their privacy, and of course, that’s a normal routine but also wisest part of a man who doesn’t want to get duped.

This is where Google wallet comes in. Google wallet is mainly used in US and UK but also supports debit and credit card from many other countries.

Google wallet is a digital wallet designed exactly with mobile apps features that enable user to send, receive and pay for various stuffs online. You can easily send money to families and acquaintances with the help of just an email address

There are no qualms and doubt about Google wallet security coordination, even without looking it from the side of how established and big branded Google is, GW is one of the safest payment service provider to rely on regardless of charges in some other countries including Nigeria here.

These are the best 6 online payment service providers that can serves as an alternative to Paypal, it is now your turn to pick from these highlighted services and make sure you choose the best that mostly suit your need.

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, I suggest you go for Payoneer as many affiliate partners support their services.

And if you are offering some good product and services on your website or blog, then you might want to go for Stripe or 2checkout as they are too good to go with.

Before you read other amazing articles, let us know if you are using any other Paypal alternatives including those ones I have listed but not limited to those ones I didn’t even know about. It is just to share what we know with people. And thank you as you do so.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

 Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Templates Without Redirecting To Theme Builder Site

Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Templates Without Redirecting To Theme Builder Site

Hey, what’s up guys.

I kept receiving this message from readers “How can I remove footer credit from blogger free template” well the good news is, it is very easy to do this kind of tricks and this tutorial is going to put you through.

It is so apparent, that beginner bloggers does not always want to spend even a penny on their blogs, I have also done same thing in the past.

And truly, there are many beautiful themes available out there, both free and premium. As we are so blessed in blogspot medium, blogger platform has the most free, customizable and responsive themes ever.

Now the problem is, you have seen that beautiful themes you want to use, though it is not free but there is a downloadable version of it. But financially you are not capable to buy the theme, that is when you just go for the download option even though you know there are some in-built features which might have been removed from the free template compared to paid ones.

The bitter truth is, we all wants to look professional, we all wants our blog to stand out of the crowd, and I guess that is why you want to remove the footer credit that comes with your template.

In this case, the moment you try and remove the footer credit, your site is down, it will always redirect to where you download the theme. The worse part I have experience is, even if you didn’t remove the footer credit, sometimes when you or visitor reload your site like 2 or 3 times, it will always redirect to theme builder site.

What the heck!, I know what this is all about, I know how irritating this is and that is why am presenting to you this 100% assurance tricks to remove footer credit with no redirection and the steps are very simple.

This is what you going to do.

1. go to your blogger dashboard –>> templates –>> edit templates.

2. In the template, look for <head> or </head> (tips: you can always find these tags at the beginning of your templates)

3. In between the 2 tags above, now look for this small code

<script src=""></script> Or <script src=""></script>

Just remove this code, after removing this code, you should scroll down to your footer section and now you can remove both link and the title as a footer credit. And that’s it. You are done.

Word of Advice.

I hope by now, you must have removed the footer credit successfully, but let me give some enlightenment.

I really understand your consideration, I know if you have enough to buy the theme, you will definitely buy it, nonetheless, it would have been a sign of appreciation if you leave alone the footer credit, it rarely done to see people going through your footer and click the link of the theme builders, though it happens but not that much.

But what I considered by writing this tutorial was that I have actually experienced the same situation, in my own case, I didn’t remove the footer credit, but when I reload my site just twice or more, I will forcefully land on their site while this shouldn’t be.

So, thank you for reading this tutorial, I appreciate your engagement, if you find this post helpful, please just do one thing for me, leave a comment below as I value what people say about my posts.

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

10  Advantages Of Chosen A Blog As A Profession

10 Advantages Of Chosen A Blog As A Profession

Having a blog or being a blogger in this advanced technology century is one of the most brilliant way of sustaining your personal life and your business. It has been in the 90’s when blogging was only for people who shared personal information.

Today, having a blog or being a blogger would not only allow you to share run of the mill information but also enabled you to share information to targeted audience, blogging has become a big medium where there is over 160 millions of blog live on the web.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Unique Differences Between A Blog And A Website

Unique Differences Between A Blog And A Website

Many people found it so difficult to distinguish between both blog and website, and I indubitably believe that you are also reading this post either because you are curious to know the differences between the both terms or maybe you want to know more about what makes them so different.

It is the truth that these words are very common in use on the web especially inside blogging community, you’ve been browsing the internet for so many years or even you’ve been blogging for several years, but you still can’t clear a doubt about the differences between blog and website.

however, one can actually get confused as the both words are used almost similarly in expression, for example when people call a web page a website and you try and visit the website, you are going to notice that there aren’t so much differences compare to some blogs you have initially visited as a matter of similarity, except for only the theme customization. And on a normal basis, all websites are not using the same theme, so in this case, you cannot identify a blog or a website via their designs.

So, either you have already known and want to know more or you can’t even say a single word about the differences, any which way, I promised not to disappoint you as I will be supplying you detailed information about what differences are between the both terms.

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Why You Should buy Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog

Why You Should buy Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog


Blogger also known as (blogspot) is one of the best and free blogging platforms out there, they offered free and unlimited bandwidth and storage space for hosting your blog. Even though, technically, it is not true, but they have provided a good alternative by which you can create many other accounts for storing your files and image separately.

As we all know blogspot is completely free, but you should not let the free chances deceive you, they have done enough by allowing you host your blog on their (google) server for free.

The point is, if you are a blogger that cares only about writing and sharing your knowledge with your reader without any objectives of making money from your blog, then it is never a necessary task to buy custom domain unless if you decide to do so for some professional insights.

But if you are the type that wants to make a good living from your blog, then using free sub-domain offered by blogspot as default would not be a good idea.

In this tutorial, I will share with you some importance of buying a custom domain for your blogspot blog.

So relax, and let’s get to work! But before we go deeper, let me give a brief enlightenment on what “custom domain“ is all about.

What is Custom Domain?

Custom domain also known as vanity URL is a distinctive branded name, which set apart a particular web page from others on the web. For example, is a custom domain owned by us in here at bloggerwalet. The difference between custom domain and free sub-domain you are using is [.com.]. in short, custom domain are domain name that comes in versions like .com, .org, .net, .info, .gov, .co, .blog and many more.

Note: some sub-domains are not free such as if you buy a hosting plan from hosting company, you might be offered 1 or 2 sub-domain along with your domain package as bonus. It was only the sub-domains attached to your free website that are free such as or

Read: what are domain and sub-domain

Why You Should Buy Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog

There are many undeniable reasons that held up of buying a custom domain for your blog and they are listed as follows.

#1.Trust and Professionalism.

The first impression from user to a website lies on the website features and appearances. Buying a custom domain for your blog gives your blog a professional look which I think almost all readers like to see in a website. If reader visit a website for the first time, they tried as much as possible to look at originality and reliability of that particular website, while they will respect you for bearing the charges of paying for your website domain name every year. they knew such steps is an act of being a professional in your niche and also give them the assurance that you really know what you are doing. You will also gain trust from those readers as trust is the sole fundamental of building a brand in blogging.

#2. Monetization Restriction.

Buying a custom domain will not only give your blog a professional look but also free your blog from some monetization access restriction, in blogging we all always strive to monetize our website, but there are many monetization programs out there which doesn’t support using free blogspot sub-domain. For example, as a beginner, I know you all always dreamed of monetizing your blog with the best advertisement program which is (google adsense). But the bitter truth is google adsense does not approve a blog with sub-domain like .

This simply means, making money from your blog via adsense can highly be a difficult task without a custom domain.

Read: Does google adsense approve a bog with sub-domain

#3. Act of Seriousness.

The truth is, buying a custom domain brought you more fortitude and strength of mind as a blogger, because once you invest something like money into your business, you will always want to work very hard so that you can earn something in return. I’m very sure you won’t ever want to loose your money for nothing as you will be working very hard towards the next renewal of your domain name. and moreover, people will also see you as a blogger who committed to his beautiful job.

Now that you’ve understand the magnitude of using a custom domain for your blogger blog, then I recommend going with 1and1 domain as they are very reliable and we are also using them in here at bloggerwallet.

After you have bought your domain from 1and1, read: A clear guide on how to map your 1and1 domain with blogger blog

Thank you for reading this tutorial, the above listed points are some benefit which you will definitely get as you redirect your blogger blog default domain to a paid custom domain. Please do let us know what other advantages can one get in buying custom domain and if you have just bought a custom domain, feel free to share your experience.

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Master Guide: How To Verify And Set Your Preferred Domain On Google Search Console

Master Guide: How To Verify And Set Your Preferred Domain On Google Search Console


As a blogger, it is very important or let me say “must” to set your preferred domain in google search console (formerly known as google webmaster) either by choosing (www) version of your website such as or (non-www) version of your website such as